What is your recommended everyday LV bag?

  1. I just got my first LV just this week. It is a Mini Lin Speedy. I love it so much!!!! However, it seems so delicate and I want to get a 2nd one as my everyday bag which I can use in any outfit. Any suggestions? I want something versatile and easy to maintain. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I like Damier Speedy 25 or Saleya MM/PM.
  3. I have the damier speedy 30, and love this bag!
    She is No Maintenance!!!!!
    I also have damier chelsea-its for folders, laptop, travel-damier is the way to go for everyday!!!!
  4. damier speedy 25/30 or damier saleya pm
  5. Almost any bag in Damier Ebene is maintenance free in my opinion. The Batignolles Horizontal is very popular as an everyday bag.
  6. saleya is a great everyday bag IMO
  7. Either the Cabas Piano or the Popincourt Haut, IMO. Any speedy is a good everyday bag, too.
  8. For two weeks my Mini Lin Speedy was in fact my every day bag. I lugged it to work, threw it behind the bar at work, took it shopping, took it to the bank, etc...it seems delicate but it definitely is not :smile:
  9. damier saleya pm or batignolles horizontal or poppincourt haut.
  10. From what I own I'm going to say speedy 25 (thats my only one lmao) but if I could chose I would probably say the BH or BV is the best everyday :smile:
  11. Since you have a handheld..I would go for a Damier Saleya PM or MM so you can wear it over your shoulder. I LOVE my saleya!!!
  12. Saleya PM is a wonderful every day bag! I like it very much!
  13. Thanks, everyone! Damier Saleya is also part of my wish list. Though I wanted to get that Epi Tote which will come out in October. Should I wait? or should I get that Damier Saleya now? Gosh! This is so difficult!! I am getting addicted already! All I think about now is LV LV LV!!! My husband thinks I am going crazy!
  14. i just bought the saleya mm, great size, great bag. what's this new epi tote you mentioned? curious what it looks like. pls do share
  15. I have to agree with Karman, its not as delicate as you think. If you still feel this way i'd go for a damier speedy or saleya :smile: