What is your recent handbag purchase :D?

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  1. Got this today :love: :love: :love:


    Posted this in another thread but thought it was relevant here as well.
  2. Good buy:biggrin: It is absolutely adorable:love: :love:
  3. My last purchase was the Louis Mini Pleaty, although it is not classic or anything I still love it cause its jeans and it can go with anything! Its cute.
  4. Oh so u went ahead and bought it, eh? Good shot! I likey-because I used to want the same one.
  5. Noriko- I'm diggin that bag!
  6. Ooohh I REALLY like it!! Maybe I will have to write about this bag on Monday. What site did you find it on?? :love:
  7. it's available via Nordstrom.com, and it's a quite reasonable $385

    too bad they're not going to get them in the store for like two more days :sad:
  8. I know you guys 'sat' with me while I contemplated this decision about two weeks ago....but my blue Paddington hobo just arrived! Its gorgeous. I must say, the blue is beautiful, the hobo is a very useful shape, but I think OVERALL I like my original, classic Paddington a teesy bit better (but don't tell the hobo I said that!).
  9. yayyy:love: maybe you can feature it on one of the viewers choice weeks! ;) :lol:

    Thanks everyone for their opinions! I know its trendy and could go out of fashion, but its just so darn cute :amuse: My SA @ LV told me that denim (in general, not the line) has been around a long time and even when its not really trendy it'll still be a cute casual bag. This also seems like a cool bag to bust out 20 years from now for some reason :biggrin:

    Also, to anyone who is considering the bag, I've never felt denim quite like this, it feels really delicate yet durable.
  10. hehe got these tonight on a late night LV run!


    I know some people don't like the MC, but it just called to me:love:
  11. :biggrin: Yay! I love LV's but thats just me!
  12. This has nothing to do with bags, but I bought a pair of Yanuk jeans last night that fit beautifully!!

    Noriko- You have SOO many bags!!! Whoohoo for you!
  13. My last purchase was the much discussed blue Paddington hobo. But my NEXT bag is.....

    Just gotta wait for my VISA card to talk speaking to me again...

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  14. Issmom- Can you show us some pics of you paddy hobo??

    What bag is ^^that one?? Cute!!
  15. The brand is Tentazione Due. Its python with a really cool braided handle. I liked the way it looked on-line but I went and held it yesterday and its great. It fits just 'so' under the arm. I've always wanted a python bag but I don't like the shiny python and I don't like the ones where the scales are too 'loose'. This one seemed perfect. You can see it at www.searlenyc.com. Click on 'accessories', then 'bags' then 'shoulder totes'.

    I am going to have to email Vlad a copy of my Paddington photo. All my home-made photos are too big to post and I don't know how to shrink them.

    Vlad -- can you shrink the photo and then post it for me? Thanks.
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