What is your recent handbag purchase :D?

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  1. [​IMG]

    it's this bag in chocolate brown....i want!
  2. Nice bag. Who is the designer?
  3. The bag above-- the purple one-- is a Bulga bag. Gorgeous!!

    Welcome to the forum Tintin!! Let me know if you need anything!! :smile:
  4. Thank you! My english is not the best but i hope you will understand me:embarasse

    Here is a picture of one bag I think is very beautiful:love:

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  5. This is my first message.

    I just bought an Isabella Fiore bag. I just discovered this line last month and I'm already obsessed. I ordered the Rachel hair calf hobo from Saks. Its a black hobo bag with grommets really nice details. I don't know how to post a picture. I guess I'll need to figure that out. I also ordred two other bags that should arrive this week. Both are Fiore.

    Anyone else jumping on the Isabella Fiore bandwagon lately? :biggrin:
  6. I have a quilty pleasures hobo in brown that I use all too often -- my other bags are feeling lonely! I also have a cream very grommety hobo on pre-order from a store in NYC. I don't know its name. I did own a Winner's Circle tote but decided it wasn't for me and returned it.

    IF is having quite a season. I wonder if they can keep it up...
  7. I just bought the Quilty Pleasures bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its in brown and I feel so lucky. That bag is sold out EVERYWHERE and selling on ebay for $1,000. I got lucky because someone returned it to a department store and my salesperson called me because she knew I had been looking for it. It is a gorgeous bag.
  8. great choose i like :P
  9. I had one on order from Saks but they kept dragging their feet as to whether it was going to come into stock or not. I then read a posting on another blog about it and contacted the poster. She said she heard of two stores in NYC that she thought had the bag. I called them -- one was sold out but one was expected one more shipment! A 30 second reading of the credit card number later....it was mine!

    Its an incredibly useful bag. And now I've come full circle because I started with designer bags with things that were really structured and boxy.
  10. i'm looking for something quite like the quilty pleasures, but...not quilty, i guess. it's the style and color brown that i want...ahhh why can't i find it!
  11. Amanda,

    What do you think of this one? It's big.. (and brown) and not "quilty"

  12. that's betsey johnson, right? i saw that one and liked it quite a bit. i had forgotten until you just reminded me, thanks!
  13. Wow Amanda you're good!! :lol: Yes its Betsey Johnson. I want this bag in tan. Its hard to find in that color.
  14. hehe, thanks, i've been looking quite hard for my future bag. i'm so torn. i think the leather on the bulga bag looks softer (i'm a sucker for soft leather). they're both in my price range...ahh i wish i could go home (to atlanta) for the weekend (i'm holed up at school) so i could see both in person.
  15. Now that IS awesome! Luv it! It's fierce. Tan would be even better!
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