What is your recent handbag purchase :D?

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  1. hahahaha thats logical:idea:
  2. LOL Whatever gives me high grades. :nuts:
  3. haha that would make an interesting premise for a study lol.
  4. Maybe a research paper…about modern bogus theories and the things desperate students do to keep good grades. LOL

    But I think there's already 1 or 2 papers regarding that...LOL
  5. Most likely!
  6. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas- Batignolles Vertical
  7. I just ordered the Donna Karan Iconic Clutch in brown from eluxury.com. I realized that clutches are pretty important and a great way to go even if its not a formal occasion. ALL my clutches were satin or sequinned or evening-y. Once I got my black Paddington clutch last week, I realized how much fun it is to carry for more casual outings. So, I needed a brown one.

    And don't ask me why, but the Iconic line with those little dangly brass thingys has always attracted me. Like the Paddington clutch, this is a little 'tough'. And I like that.

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  8. I love that clutch!! I posted on the blog about it a while bag and just loved it!! Let usknow what it is like in person when you get it ok!! Maybe even take a picture of it with you holding it in your hand! :love:
  9. I'll try to post another photo! My problem is I can't yet manipulate my photos to be 'small' enough for posting. The files are all FAR TOO big!

  10. You can send them to Vlad -- Vlad@purseblog.com -- and he will compress them and get them ready for you! OR maybe I need him to post how to optimize picture sizes (I don't really get it either, so I need the tutorial also!!) ;)
  11. I'd love the help. Can you ask him to post a tutorial?

  12. My little Iconic clutch just arrived from eLuxury. I'd post a photo but we all know I don't really know how! The clutch is actually smaller than my wallet -- I use a zip around Paul Smith wallet that holds EVERYTHING! But that's OK...as long as I can wean my husband off handing me his sunglasses to hold EVERY time we go out, the clutch will hold keys, a cell phone, a few bucks and an AmEx card.
  13. I have a great red Charles Jourdan clutch that belonged to my mom. I love it but need a black or brown - any suggestions? I absolutely LOVE that Donna Karan one. I am debating Lauren Merkin, as hers are pretty affordable. I don't know if I love them though. I also love the Nancy Gonzalez ones but I will only spend that much on a daytime bag...
  14. Have you looked at www.jemznjewels.com? I got a really cute Nancy Gonzalez silver croc clutch -- very small envelope -- for a great price. The site has new and used stuff and its a small but nice range. I seem to remember she's got a good assortment of clutches.

    My new thing was to find a black and a brown clutch that were a bit 'tougher' and less dressy than all the satin and jeweled ones that I have. With the Donna Karan, I have them both now...
  15. OMG, thank you! What a great website! Now I know how to spend my next paycheck, LOL.
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