What is your recent handbag purchase :D?

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    Thanks. I'm really loving it. All my other bags are coach and I wanted to add other designers to my collection, so when Saw this bag in my favorite color and an awesome price I had to get it. I love the lining. I have been using the metal clip to hold my keys, I did not know it was a money clip. It so easy to slip my keyring on an off of it. :smile:
  2. I just got a Cèline mini luggage in light grey...I love it!!!

  3. I think it's a money clip....that was my first thought when I saw it. Men normally carry them but how brilliant to put it in a bag lining! Whatever it is, it sure is handy! LOL. I am new to the Coach obsession. I saw the Coach Rory and had to have it. So I got a black one. Oh, I love that bag! Then Legacy popped up at coachfactory.com. I was strong the first sale and bought nothing. I caved on 10/50 sale, LOL. I LOVE Coach. Oh, and they have sent me a few PCE's now....it's all over for me. I'm officially Coach obsessed.
  4. Pretty, colorful, lovely, leather! Which is yours and which is mom's? More important, what a great memory you will always have of this. My mom is very old now; in assisted living and doesn't remember much of the past and cannot do things with me, maybe a little trip to the dollar store after a doctor visit. I wish we did more things together in the past but life was hard; work and such.....You will cherish the memory of this shopping trip more than the bags. But I'm sure you already know that.

    Lemme guess.....is the pink Bal your mom's? My mom would pick pink for sure. LOL

    PS---The Balenciaga Forum would know the official colors. They know everything about those bags!
  5. Beautiful and vibrant colors of Balenciaga and Gucci. I longed to visit Venice. That place must be seriously enchanting.
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1364492971.256450.jpg
    That evil little Sophie!! I had to have her tho! Only to realize there's a similar one which was 1/2 the price as this one!! Kills me!
  7. A celine luggage and I just bought the chloe paraty just last week I think. Time for a major ban
  8. Balenciaga Mauve Mini City!! :heart: Early B-day gift to myself!!
  9. Just bought a black Celine Large Phantom Croc Stamp. Beautiful!
  10. in the middle of this hype with Slimane changing the name of my favourite brand YSL, I plunged and bought another one of Pilati's beautiful bags, true YSL, an ivory Downtown
  11. Hello everyone!! I just joined a purse forum. :smile::smile:
    Poppy tote bag and new poppy scarf!!
    I used scarf as a hair band today since weather was lovely..
    I think it is perfect for spring/summer. I've been browsing everyone's bags and they are gorgeous!! drool...LOL
    I am new to coach addiction but I like it!
    pop1.JPG pop2.JPG pop3.JPG
  12. I just ordered an UGG crossbody hobo in a auburn color. Can't wait to get it!!
  13. Found an amazing Rebecca Minkoff MAC Daddy at Nordstrom Rack today! From $350 to 180! I'll take that!
  14. BV knot
  15. Yesterday get my British style clutch and it does fancy me...


    (how come my photos no shows in this forum ?)
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