What is your recent handbag purchase :D?

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  1. Nice ^^^^^
  2. Bot a Samantha Thavasa bag last wk
  3. Love!!!!
  4. So beautiful!!
  5. Hello Guys! Just got a Bottega Veneta shopper tote, Karung Snakeskin and I love it very much!!! Happy New Year to all!
    image-711188637.jpg image-4267864130.jpg
  6. A gorgeous Gryson bag for next to nothing from a consignment shop. Love!!!
    Gryson bag 002 (Small).jpg
  7. Purchased this Coach Legacy classic tassel hobo and matching colorblock large clutch at Macy's the other day for 25% off, can't beat that! I also received this gorgeous hand-beaded pouch/clutch from hubby and this Balenciaga Rose Bruyere Work also from hubby for Christmas.
    Coach and RB 006.JPG Coach and RB 016.JPG Coach and RB 019.JPG Coach and RB 023.JPG
  8. I recently purchased a gold gucci Boston bag with a pair of gold uggs they look so cute together. I bought my daughter the silver Boston Gucci bag maybe two or three years ago so I guess every few years Gucci will pick a sparkle color of choice.
  9. YSL black patent clutch!
  10. Celine mini luggage tote!
  11. Finally found an everyday bag. Needed something a bit plain, since what I have are all logos. So excited, found it at my local tjm and compared to what my others cost, I feel like I stole it!!!



  12. Celine mini luggage

  13. Nice color. Very vibrant.
  14. Within the last month, 3 LVs- Rivington PM, Neverfull MM, Sully PM- to add to my handbag collectionl.

    I am officially done with my handbag collection. I am happy to finally type those words....for now :smile:
  15. I'm drooling! BEAUTIFUL bag and color!
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