What is your recent handbag purchase :D?

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  1. A purple fendi zucca tote!
  2. A Black Gucci medium tote
  3. A Black Gucci medium tote :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

  4. image-645910200.jpg

    I love love the color
    image-3965894281.jpg image-3686220189.jpg
  5. So very lovely! Your best friend in the second photo seems to be admiring it also.
  6. image-559630977.jpg

    November buys.
  7. pretty!
  8. HEY Ladies,
    I am about to make my first MBMJ purchase and I have narrowed it down to the GROOVEE in black with gold H.W. Now my only question and debate is the size? Should I go for the Groovee original bigger bag or the Groovee Baby? I usually get all different size bags, I typically don't store a lot so both will suffice. The real question is, which one looks better on ?
  9. Thank you, yeah I think she would love it more if she could see colors ^_^
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    i just recent bought the lv kusama keepall in red. ive been waiting for it for 2 weeks and its finally here in my arms :smile:

  11. I Did Not Purchase A New Handbag, But I Did Buy A Gorgeous Coach Wallet!

    Got An Amazing Deal On It! $79.99 Free Shipping On eBay!:dothewave:

    Introducing Coach Daisy Ocelot Print Wallet!
    Coach Daisy Ocelot Print Leopard Wallet.png
  12. My newest baby. Celine small phantom croc stamped in black

  13. In less than 2 months, I got LV Speedy B 30 in Damier Ebene, LV Emilie wallet in Damier Ebene, 2 Longchamp Le Pliage large totes, and Elliott Lucca 3-way fold over clutch. Feel so bad for getting so much but also feel sooooo good!
  14. My newest purchase has been a chocolate brown Mulberry Roxanne . She is gorgeous x
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