What is your recent handbag purchase :D?

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  1. LV Monagram Speedy 40
  2. Oooh please post a reveal!! :heart:
  3. I will!...just catching up with work backlog after traveling for a couple of weeks :smile:
  4. Just received a Bleu Cobalt Mini Pompon and a RGGH City Anthra...
  5. Olivia Harris Colorblock Tote

  6. Chanel Black Cavier WOC with Gold Hardware. Broke my self-imposed ban (DH is an enabler!). Can't wait until it gets here.
  7. RM Beckon hobo....couldn't make up my mind so I got two - desert and black
    rm hobo 002.jpg rm hobo 001.jpg
  8. Celine Diamond Clutch :smile:

  9. Anya Hindmarch Etta bag, love it. It's a clutch, shoulder bag and a crossbody all in one it doesn't get better then that. She make the most amazing bags. The leather is amazing.
  10. Coach Laura tote
  11. My dream bag. I've always lived Chanel but its always been so far out of budget. I splurged! Hope you like it!





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  12. Oh I know I will, I'm in love lol, can't stop smelling the leather haha! Is that crazy?!

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  13. I bought a DB Chiara and a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25
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