What is your reasons for shopping on line?

  1. What is your reasons for shopping on line?:confused1:

    Unbeatable price with highest grade quality?
    Safe transportation world-wide?
    Fast delivery?
    Low shipping freight?
    Perfect customer services?
  2. Mine are:

    Geography (I live far from decent shopping)
    Tons of brands, styles at my fingertips
    Ability to compare prices
  3. Price comparison and not having to deal with crowds and lines.
  4. Canada has horrible selection & I find items online way cheaper. Also there is really only one major department store that carries high end designer items with limited selection
  5. Not paying sales tax. Tax here in CA is high
    Shopping while at work
  6. Being able to compare prices, greater choices, having items delivered and not having to struggle carrying bulky items. Avoiding crowds especially at Christmas time:tup:
  7. I agree. I did all my Christmas shopping online last year and it was such a breeze. Don't get me wrong... I still love going to the stores and sometimes it suits me better when I have to try something on and I don't want to return it 50 times or don't want to wait for it to get here. But I do like the options of being able to basically buy from wherever online even if the store isn't even in my state.
  8. Time constraints. I'm a full time student so I don't have time to "go shopping" anymore.
  9. Exactly my thoughts...shopping in stores is so restricitng, there's barley any nice stores.
  10. So much easier! Plus you can get just about anything you want in only a matter of minutes. Why drive all around when you don't have to?!
  11. - Easier to parse through a large amount of styles and pick the ones that are right for you
    - Easier to find deals if there are any
    - Quicker
    - Don't have to go out, drive to NYC, drag SO to mall with me to get an opinion
    - Can shop at work/at midnight/in my PJS
    - Instant fix.
  12. don't have time to go shopping; shopping for some stuff is easier on line (ie: drugstore.com) + free shipping, no tax, etc
  13. more things available in the size or color i need...
  14. I think there are a lot of reasons that I shop online but my main one is selection. There's almost an infinite number of stores to shop from. It's so easy to shop at a little boutique that has a website when, before the internet, my only option was Macys.
  15. 1. I like getting packages in the mail.
    2. There are stores that don't exist in my city, but through the internet I can get access to them and buy stuff from them.
    3. Sometimes the prices are much lower, like when buying books through Amazon.com.