What is your rain/snow/bad weather purse/bag?

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  1. Just wondering what bag you carry when it is raining or snowing?

    I understand some ladies have a bag they carry to put their birkin in if they get caught in the rain or bad weather but what is your go to bag when you are leaving the house in rain or snow?

  2. I still carry my H bags.
  3. I still carry my bags. Though I slipped and fell on the ice with my Ciel Kelly. She's got a small ding. Oh well.
  4. ^I hope you're fine!
  5. Ow!! Are you OK?

    I also slipped & fell while carrying my Kelly----I was quite injured, but I was only worried about my shoes & bag after the fall. :P (My fall was last year.)
  6. I still carry my H bags since they of all my bags are actually the most capable of sustaining water with no damage. Maybe I wouldn't purposely carry my VN Kelly, but even that has gotten water splashed on it with no damage (thanks Doc!). Of course, I have a handy excuse to carry a baby blanket with me everywhere I go...for the baby, of course :P...so I end up draping the blanket over the baby and the bag while I run from the car to the store in the rain.
  7. Ouch, EB! Hope the Kelly was the only one hurt in the fall!
  8. Ostriches for snowy or rainy day...
  9. ^Perlerare, I bet you could be glamour under a snow storm too!
  10. Well I am a traitor. And a chicken. Sometimes I carry my VGL HAC in the rain (and it always seems fine) but mostly I carry my damier ebene speedy 30. No snow to worry about here.

    *ducking for cover*
  11. I still carry my togo birkin, and just wipe it off if need be. It was just at the craftsman for spa, so I'm not worried about it.

    Irishlass, come out from undercover, you have nothing to feel guilty about!
  12. Fjord and Ardennes in the rain for me.
  13. I mostly still carry H, just something in a tougher leather (Togo, VL). If I'm "underdressed" for H, I might just carry a Longchamp.
  14. These days I'll carry a clemence Evelyne or Victoria.
  15. It depends on whether I'm at home and using the car for errands, or in a major city where I will be walking. If at home, I carry my Chevre Kelly; if in a major city, I either carry my old Vuitton monogram or my Lederer inspired-by Constance which I wear under my coat.