what is your plan for tomorrow?

  1. breakfast with a friend, lunch with BFF, work a little, dinner with family
  2. uni then wii night with the gang :biggrin:
  3. a bit of shopping
  4. maxin and relaxin.
  5. Take clothes to charity, visit grandmother, and meet DH for anniversary dinner date!
  6. doing some housework, then relaxing.
  7. Nothing! I have a week vacation. Mabye if it's good weather I'll take out our cats (5!) in the garden.
  8. work then either cardio kickboxing or a 3-4 mile short run w/ speed drills
  9. Getting my nails done and then booking appiontment for piercings
  10. Dropping the LO off at school then off to work, the gym for some cardio, then home to do laundry & homework...I know my life is so exciting!
  11. work and then relaxing
  12. work, relax, try a new recipe
  13. going shopping with DH to get some car parts, taking sophie for a walk, then doing some food shopping.
  14. work, send samples to client, meet with partner if possible
  15. Wash hair, go to Trader Joe's to pick up some Tea Tree Oil face pads and roasted turkey, clean my room, and wait for a package from Forever 21. Depending on my energy level I may redye the stripe in my hair.

    Ah, the glamorous life of ColdSteel.