what is your plan for tomorrow?

  1. Start my vacation!!!
  2. Shopping!!!
  3. spending the day with BFF
  4. housework & sending posting a parcel (sold item on eBay).
  5. going to run some errands, make a birthday cake for a party on sunday, and then possibly go to a friends house for dinner
  6. Driving school and party afterwards.
  7. Going shopping
  8. Shopping, groceries, and picking up my new contacts.
  9. go to school... lol.
  10. going to the Texans game!
  11. finish my report :tdown: and then see my DBF! :biggrin:
  12. Church, homework for Grad school, and watch a movie
  13. pack. i'm going home early
  14. Off work so I am going to go shopping again to find something to wear to my Anniversary dinner on Thurs. Going to try and persuade my bf to come with me but he doesnt really understand why I am going since I have a wardrobe full of clothes. (I have nothing to wear!!!!!)
  15. I just get to go to work, like I've been doing for the last 40 years......;)