What is your personality when it comes to purses???

  1. Hi all!!! I have been shallowly and obsessively collecting purses for many years now. I have had an appreciation for beautiful things my whole life. Heck, I have a degree in art history which is all about developing subjective opinions on works of creativity (or not). I remember graduating from college in 1997, and after securing my very first professional job later that year, I used my very first paycheck to by a Coach bag. After that, I found a used Coach purse at a yard sale and bought it for $25! Soon after I discovered Kate Spade. I sold my first Coach bag to a co-worker and used the proceeds to buy a black KS Sam. After that, I discovered eBay, and bought a vintage Gucci purse for $98. Two years later, I turned around and sold it for 300% profit! In between all of this, I acquired and sold many many bags. Upon reflection, I've come to realize that no one bag can keep my interest for very long. Despite wanting and desiring a Louis Vuitton or a Balenciaga or a Chanel or whatever, when I get them, I carry them for only two or three months and then get bored or get interested in another bag and have to sell them in order to afford the new bag. This seems a little ridiculous to me. Is anyone else like this? Or do you carry your bags for ever and ever until they fall apart. Or do you just acquire and keep collecting until you've amassed a collection rivaling Imelda Marcus? (Can you tell I'm bored at work today???) :biggrin:
  2. i carry one purse until it wears out or doesn't fit my needs anymore. :smile: i've just begun my designer obsession, so i think the time between purse purchases just stretched way way out. that's why i like hanging out here so much...i get to live vicariously through everyone else. :smile:
  3. I am like you! I carry them 3 months tops then get a new bag. I've kept all of my more expensive bags but have given away the cheaper ones. I can't seem to sell any of them. When I get tired of my current bag and haven't found a new bag to replace it, one of the older bags actually get to get out of it's dustbag and see the sunshine! :biggrin:
  4. I'm constantly buying & selling... I'll covet a bag & search wildly for it then when I get it it's either "Eh, I don't like it as much as I thought I did" OR I will carry it for a few months until I'm coveting another bag..So the cycle continues!:rolleyes: I have a few staples that I will never sell but most of my bags end up moving on eventually.
  5. I keep adding to my collection, but I have yet to sell any of my bags. I have given away some of my lower-end bags to family and friends. I have about forty-something bags now, so I don't get too bored with any one bag. I keep telling myself I'm not going to buy any more bags for awhile, but then I see one that steals my heart and so ...............
  6. I have a handful of purses I have used and rotate among them. The rest are sitting in their dustbags but I got them cause I love them and want them. I haven't used any of those.
  7. I love purses that are either classic or very ornate. I like statement pieces. I purchase handbags that I am compelled to buy. I won't necessarily carry a purse I buy, but I like to collect them. Sometimes I'll even buy something that I find borderline ugly just because there is something interesting about it. Later when I rediscover it, I may end up loving it! :biggrin: I like having many options for types of handbags; I coordinate my outfits with different handbags, so I mix and match constantly. I keep most of my bags. The ones that no longer interest me and that I am very certain will continue to no longer interest me, I'll give to my family. But what usually happens is that I'll retire a handbag until it becomes interesting again. I'm constantly living out of a suitcase so it's easy for me to retire my handbags for awhile. I just make sure I have a large variety to choose from everytime I pack my suitcase.
  8. My background is also Art and Design. I tend to go for the rarer LV bags that were collaborations like Robert Wilson or Murakami. They are pieces of art to me that I can use in everyday life. I like expensive stuff, but it has to have a sense of humor ;) like me!
  9. I prefer more usual designs, so I haven't really sold or gotten rid of any or my more expensive bags yet. I've bought a bunch of bags this year, so that may change.
  10. I have purses for all my moods, flashy colorful baguettes, huge hologram spy bag, classic kelly, classic chanel. I just change them around as I see fit. I tend to go for the more colorful stuff, but I am much more reserved about clothing. It's purses and necklaces I do the flashy stuff with.
  11. Hi Ozzysmom, Im a little like you. I get bored easily which is why Im *trying* to THINK, THINK and RE-THINK before I purchase a new bag. It isnt working too well. I am more inclined to the classic bags like my LV trouville and vintage Gucci Jackie. I have a small collection of Fendi Baguettes- they're just so pretty even though they're not really 'Me'. I find the fabric baguettes too soft and its difficult to get the magnetic flap to close properly without taking the bag of my shoulder (I hope I make sense!) Currently, Im looking for a vintage Dior tote.:love: I also buy and sell my bags to fund my next one! Sometimes Its hard to see a bag go but I can't afford to keep em all. :hrmm:
  12. The most "name brand" purse I have ever owned is probably Kenneth Cole. LOL Probably not too high up there in rank of name brands though.

    I'm pretty casual...if it's cute I'm not too concerned about who made it although I do care about quality. My latest purse is from an independent designer. It's called "Pinup Girl Surprise" and I LOVE it!

    But my next one will probably be made by Fierce Kitten Studios. She's got great designs.
  13. Ummmm I like to carry my caviar chanel, and I like to buy the other purses because I like them and would use them. But mostly, they stay on their dustbags on my closet. I only have purses like chanel, balenciaga, and LV. I'm such a brand person O_O
  14. I once gave away an LV purse to my aunt & I regretted it right away! That’s why I will never sell or give away any purse ever! I would rather put it in my closet & look at it everyday.

    As for everyday, I wear the same bag (Chanal) because I am too lazy to change my wallet to match my purse =)
  15. I am selective for design, functionality, aesthetics (color) and beautiful, quality leathers.
    It's a manageable collection for me and helps to bring that little extra something to what I am wearing. I only buy what I love and never sell any of them. A lot of thought goes into my next bag purchase.
    I try not to get too carried away and am no where near Imelda Marcos...in this lifetime. ;)