what is your personal fave style of RM?

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  1. do you like the MAB, the MAM, the Nikki, the Matinee, ETC?

    For me, it has recently been the nikki! i think that is only because i already have a MAB and I am dying to get a Nikki:drool: (cross your fingers I will snag one for cheap at the sample sale).

    But I also LOVE the MAB :love:....

    heck, i love the matinee too!

    i love them all.
  2. I think the Nikki is my fav, but I can't wait to see the oliver and other new styles.
  3. so far I have only the mam. Bu tI love them all
  4. I only have the mam, which is great. But I can't wait to see a getaway satchel.
  5. so far i have the matinee in night blue and the mam in ruby - i love all of them especially the new rm hardware on the mams. i also have a nikki night on the way from lb, i have been lusting over this bag for quite sometime now and they finally had it avail at lb today so i took the plunge. but i think i will love it as much as my other two. can wait to buy more!!!!
  6. The MAM just really appeals to me. It fits my personality and look.

    I am also very attracted to the Matinee.
  7. For me, its the Morning After Mini; classy, effortless style that works with so many kinds of outfits!:yes:
  8. MAM! i do believe the matinee will be a close second :]
  9. I love the Nikki! Such a beautiful shape.
  10. MAM!! But I love all RM with a passion!
  11. Mab!~
  12. Nikki, with MAB in close second!
  13. MAB!! I want one in every color! I'm dying for a Nikki too. I also really love my Matinee and Elisha. Hmmm...I'd also like a Tangy Plan B.

    Hell...I love em' all! :choochoo:
  14. ^^damn thats a hard one! I love them all! I like the MA the most! I want on in every color too.... then the matinee, then the nikki...

    BUT i lOVE THE OLIVER TOO! Oh and I like my dream bag too! Damnit! i love them all!

    I have been wearing the MA the most though
  15. I have MAB, MAM and Matinee. I love the MAM the most - mostly due to its size. I will be interested in knowing more about Nikki and Market Tote. However, one thing that I am worried is that they will be too big for me...I am not small (5'7). I just like mid size bag more..