What is your perfect work tote?

  1. I just got a promotion and will need to cart around my work laptop (plus all my other stuff...iPod, book, water bottle, etc).

    Would anyone like to give me some recs for a durable, stylish, leather work tote? My friend has one from Coach that is really nice (and I'm open to most designers) but I think hers is an older style. I may be able to make a trip to the Coach outlet in Leesburg this weekend so I may have luck there. I have access to most stores.

    I would really like to stay around $300-$400 and under if possible. :smile: If you have pictures that would be awesome, but designer and style names are fine too!

    Thanks so much!!!
  2. i actually spent a lot less on my work tote. i got this longchamp tote that was just 78 bucks, is a totally neutral color (brownish-greenish that they call taupe) and folds up itty bitty when im not using it. the price point was great because i really dont care much what happens to it so i can really abuse it and just replace it when it gets yucky...although ive had it a year and a half and it still looks great
  3. I really like Coach leather totes. Coach is a good choice for work, because it's very professional looking and SO sturdy.

    I know it's considered a fashion no-no, but I carry two bags to work: a nylon laptop bag for my computer, files, etc and a regular purse. I don't have any bags that are big and strong enough to carry everything.
  4. why is that a no-no? i think if the handbag is amll enough, and the tote big enough, it can look quite nice and avoud the bag-lady effect. what is bad i think is if u carry a huge purse and small tote- u look like u just have 2 purses.
  5. i should add i often just bring a smaller purse, and toss my lunch in a plastic grocery bag or a freeby tote. then i can just grab my purse at the end of the day.
  6. In magazines and on the US version of What Not to Wear they always flame people for carrying more than one bag. They say EVERYTHING should fit in one bag, and if it doesn't get a bigger bag. It's given me a complex about carrying two bags, but I do it anyway. If I had to carry everything in one bag, it would be SO heavy!!!! :tdown:
  7. Check out MZ Wallace website. They have really great work bags!
  8. SO CUTE, Mislola! Do you have any other lesser known designers up your sleeve? Thanks for that link. Do you use any of the bags for work?
  9. ThisIsMyPurse I don't work, but I have an MZ Wallace bag, and they are great, well-priced, and wonderful to deal with. I think they are so cute and so different. I also like Hammitt Bags, but it took a while to get mine. You may want to check out that site also.
  10. I have the Coach Gigi (in my avatar) and I really love it as a multi-purpose tote. It has a large inside zip pocket for your wallet and other items you need to keep secure. I can fit a laptop, a few files, water bottle, etc. in it with no problem. I've always loved Coach leather, so that's why I chose this style.

    I know they still have some very pretty Ergo leather totes in black and camel at the outlets for a great price, and those bags can hold tons of stuff. Good luck!
  11. If this were the case, I'd need a piece of luggage! Seriously - I tend not to follow those "rules" - I carry what I need to do my job, and don't care if I'm a "bag lady". Many people at my work carry multiple bags.

    I have a Coach Denim Tote and it holds a laptop, books, files, and there's still room on the side for a water bottle if needed. It's great for me - doesn't show dirt/wear and matches everything. I also carry a smaller handbag for personal items.
  12. Wow, I would like to see how that works with one bag! When I carry my laptop, it goes in my Tumi nylon briefcase along with my filofax. Then, I carry a handbag for everything else. I am very firmly against carrying laptops in bags that were not designed to properly cushion them (I come from years in the laptop repair business BTW and have seen it all).

    Back to the original question, Coach leather totes are great (I have a clay colored Gigi) and for a more funky look I carry my Kooba Ryan tote in black patent python. With either of these I can throw a bottle of water into it rather than carry it separately.
  13. I second the posters who mention Coach leather totes. I still use a couple I have been carrying frequently for 20 years. Years ago they carried reports and books. Now they carry laptops with ease. The bags still look great, too. I'm pretty sure Coach doesn't make my bags anymore, but the new ones should be good options.

    Although I prefer to carry just one bag (usually tuck a wristlet into my briefcase or tote), I think it's all right to carry a smaller bag with a tote. Two enormous bags, though, makes one look oppressed, in my opinion.