What is your perfect summer day?

  1. Ahhh, sitting on the beach with friends and a good book.
    Showering after a long day at the beach,
    Watching tv with the windows open and the breeze blowing the curtains.
  2. Leaving from the marina to a nice place on the water to anchor out for the night.
  3. sitting on the beach with sunny skies, no clouds but comfortable weather- not to hot or humid.
  4. This exactly! I find this to be the simplest and ultimate relaxation for me.
  5. Sitting at the pool or on the beach, watching my kids swim and play and reading a good book :smile:
  6. Clear blue skies, a temp of 75-80 with no humidity, and a very gentle southerly breeze.
    The day off and relaxing on my sunlounger in my back garden, the smell of the roses, lilies and nemesia wafting around me, no neighbours kids making a noise and being able to nod off if i felt like it. Heaven !
  7. sweet tea poolside.
  8. Sitting alone on the beach, no kids, no husband...