What is your perfect H bag collection?

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  1. I know there have been several threads on the stages/progression of buying and purging our H collections, but as I read those threads, I didn't really get a feel for what everyone's perfect collection would be.

    I'm trying to figure this out for my own collection, and feel like I'm reaching critical mass and need to purge a few bags so that I have fewer in my collection and that they all get rotated more often for a better "cost per wear".

    I recently added a croc lindy to my collection that I truly love, and plan to add another croc to my collection this year, but I feel faint when I add up the total $ amount of my collection.

    I know Perlerare mentioned in another thread that she was trying to whittle her collection to 5 total H bags to serve all her needs. (Not sure if that ever happened. :graucho:) I'd love to know what those key pieces are for everyone.

    I think I'd feel more comfortable with fewer bags, even if each bag or some of these bags was a more expensive skin. I feel like a might need to purge before I purchase anything else. How many bags can one girl carry afterall? Or, maybe I need to stop adding up the total of the goods. ;)
  2. Adding is dangerous!

    That being said, my ideal collection would consist of a playful bag, a ladylike bag, a war bag, Summer bag, and an evening bag.

    Playful - a shoulder bag like my Fons, or the Lindy, Picotin, ect. Low maintenance to carry
    Ladylike - Kelly or a Piano - small, delicate, handheld
    War - shove everything and just keep on going - this bag has seen the wars, and lived to boast about it. HAC, Birkin, oversized Lindy, Possibly Victoria, PB, ... Big and fits stuff.
    Summer - Trim, Picotin, ect. Something in either vibrato, toile, or a cheerful colour
    Evening - Can be non H, but Constance, baby bag, ect. Medor is a bit too stiff for my tastes.
  3. 32 cm Kelly bag-for dress up or down
    30cm Birkin-for casual chic and dressy casual
    22cm So Kelly bag-carefree journeys
    Kelly wallet-dress up or down
    28 cm HAC-just because...

    The fabulous five :cloud9:
  4. My perfect collection is in my avatar. :biggrin:

    Day/Night out - Jige PM
    Classic handbag - BBK
    Classic shoulder bag - Trim
    Workhorse - Evelyne PM
    Casual grab n go - Picotin PM
  5. Very interesting, Vintage Leather. Do you strictly adhere to one bag per category?

    I would definitely agree with those categories for myself, the problem (or privilege) is that I have several bags for each category. I can think of one or two at the moment that I could probably live without, but on the other hand, I still like them. But, I'm starting to feel stress about the growing size of my collection simply because the more I have the less often I can wear any one of them. I would love to have a well thoght out, tightly edited collection, but there is always more that I want!

  6. You are so lucky crochetbella to already know and have your perfect collection. Congratulations! Are you still tempted by other bags/colors? Do you resist?
  7. Herein lies the problem for me - the "just because"! LOL! Just because it is a great size/color/skin, etc. I love what I have, but at a certain point with anything for me, it can become too much of a good thing. I start to feel glutonous (sp?).
  8. Yes, exactly

    At my peak (in the span of a year)
    3 jige pm evergrain and box
    2 kelly 28, BBK and porc, ghw
    2 evelyne, barenia toile pm phw and togo gm ghw
    2 picotin barenia pm and clemence mm phw
    1 tgm picotin phw for my mom
    1 leather toile tsako, ghw
    1 vintage type golf style rouge h box bag, ghw
    1 32 HAC barenia ghw
    1 30 birkin VN black phw

    pared down to a variation of Vintage Leather (my interpretation of the bag functions)
    1 BBK 28 ghw (chic classic)
    1 30 birkin VN black phw (edgy attitude)
    1 32 HAC Barenia (casual )
    1 40 paris bombay fjord (urban winter)
    1 barenia toile evelyne (only because it is in Paris spa) (summer) * am looking for a great summer bag - hopefully monochrome crinoline leather combo - but have decided picotin, evelyne are not "me"
  9. I like this thread. My ideal collection would be:
    workhorse: Birkin 35
    casual: Kelly SO 22
    "just because": Black Box Kelly 32

    After I got my birkin, I immediately wanted more but I soon realized that because I don't swap out bags often, it would mean a lot of $$$ in bags mostly collecting dust. I figured these three would satisfy my H bag fix, and would leave me with a lot more $$$ to spend on other non-bag lux items.
  10. I am like crochetbella and 880 - my perfect collection is the one i have!

    Toile barenia birkin 35, VO barenia birkin 35, etoupe togo birkin 35

    one day maybe the dream of a black barenia crinoline birkin 35 or the perfect red (RV Fjord!) but i am done for now.
  11. I am very much a beginner when it comes to H collecting. That being said, I know what colors and style best suits my casual life. My perfect H collection would be...

    28cm braise croc kelly with GHW and shinny alligator KP (in a bright color)--for dress up/night time

    30cm birkins (in all my favorite colors and skins :P)--for my casual life
  12. As much as I would love to have just those bags - or be content with a small collection - I have little to no brand loyalty - I buy gorgeous, well-made bags from a lot of different companies.
    That means a dearth of H funds - and I change bags every day.

    I am selling off several non-H bags to find future purchases, however.
  13. Thanks for the compliment - you helped refine my aesthetic! This would be the grail^^^ phw - doesn;t perlerare have it?
  14. Actually, I do...I think there is another tPFer with one but I am blanking on who that is....
    To answer the question, I like the pared-down philosophy. I think the "perfect collection" partly is dictated by one's lifestyle, but in the broadest of strokes:

    35 Birkin in black or gold, textured leather
    28 Kelly, sellier, boxcalf, in black or rouge H
    31 Bolide in a color
    Medium-sized garden party in toile
    Kelly longue, Kelly cut or Kelly elan pochette in box (or swift if KL) in a subdued color or neutral
  15. Thank you :flowers: and yes! I am still tempted by so many bags! But I have very limited funds for H so I have tried to stick to adding to the collection slowly. (one bag a year) I would still love a Bolide someday or Kelly Pochette. And I am tempted by the Cabag and the leather Garden Party. :biggrin: