What is your Perfect Bag?

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  1. For me the perfect bag would be an older Sloane, that slouches, in pristine condition and a color other than black.

    If I can find it I'll buy it even if I'm 80 by then. I love that bag.

    What is your perfect BV bag? The one you have always wanted.
  2. I know I sound like a broken record but this is a tough question since I have already exceeded my expectations with the peltro cabat and nuvolato tote. Still, an ostrich tote would be a really nice addition.....although its competition for "my perfect bag" is pretty tough.....
  3. I ruled out the Intarsia bags on the basis of excessively high cost. ( I tried to edit my previous post but my tired old iPad wouldn't respond to my attempts to revise it.)
  4. A medium struzzo cabat in plum or a deep gray. Or a medium chevre cabat in a nice deep silver metallic.
  5. An ostrich cabat would be a nice addition
  6. My choice is the same as KY bag lady's...
  7. A Cervo is my fav, the softest and most huggable leather ever!!
    When I go out and need to "dress to kill", then it's either a Sloane in ivory/cream, or XXL cross body messenger in burgundy, both are absolute head-turners and no-logo stunners... can you have enough of BV?....
  8. intrecciato cervo hobo

    For a long time I wondered why BV didn't make a woven version of the bag. And then they did :yahoo:
  9. Just a newbie with mine ..but totally agree 😊
  10. I don't have enough experience with BV to have a perfect bag. So far, the Pillow has been pretty darn good. I think I might need to do more research and try out at least one or two of each category of bag.

  11. I can vision you rocking a cabat in the future. You have the style and taste to pull it off.
  12. Thanks for the encouragement! After visiting here and at the Fairy Godmother thread, I browsed on over to Fashionphile and Yoogi's. Much temptation lies within. Then I hop over to the BV website and the Neiman Marcus website. Then I tell myself, "You're going to Italy in June. Be patient."
  13. costal couture, who know, you might bring back something from Italy.

    Mine is always going to be Veneta. Just love that bag