What is your perfect bacon sandwich recipe? :drool:

  1. Like many, I am a lover of the bacon sandwich.

    My perfect one (so far) is smoked bacon with the fat cut off, fried until crispy, then the bun used to mop up the pan. I'm also a big lover of the BLT but have never managed to make one which tastes as good as I want it to.

    If anyone has any recipes or techniques I'd love to try them.
  2. I love a turkey melt made with roast Turkey, apple smoked bacon, Swiss, and thousand island dressing on buttered and grilled rye bread.
  3. I use Dartagnan bacon which I cook in the oven... its delicious

    and of course with avocado, turkey, lettuce & tomato you can't beat it!!

    on delicious bread with mayo..
  4. Avocado, turkey, lettuce and tomato is my favorite summer lunch.

    I also cook bacon in the oven, it was a life changing discovery. No mess, and perfect flat bacon everytime.
  5. Dartagnan is awesome.

    I like wraps with seasoned chicken, sauteed peppers and a couple of slices of nice bacon. Yummy.
  6. BLA (Bacon, Lettuce and Avacado).
  7. I have so many favorites, but my number one must with bacon, it must be crispy!!
  8. I'm with you..bacon is the best but it has to be crispy..not floppy and undone.;)
  9. LOL I can't stop laughing at your "floppy and undone" comment!!

    Ditto on the avocado and lettuce and tomato!! Mmm mmm good!!
  10. I never had avocado with bacon. Should try that tomorrow
  11. My favorite is a BBLAT. Bacon, basil, lettuce, avocado, and of course tomato.
  12. Great ideas!!!
  13. That sounds oddly good. I may have to try it soon.
  14. still loving my dartangan bacon sandwich with turkey, avocado, arugula
    & tomato
  15. I do as well! So much easier and less of a mess!