What is your Passion in life ?

  1. Okay girls I have been doing a bit of soul-searching lately and I can't seem to find what my "passion" is. "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" - is this achievable or just extremely idealistic ?

    How can I find out what my passion is ??

    So I thought I would get the discussion started:

    1) What is your passion and more importantly, how did you discover it ?

    2) Is your passion your career or a hobby at the moment ?

  2. passion is in bags lol j/k. for me i started out working in the industry that i've major in school. through the job i see the various positions available in the industry and how these people works. from there i decide what i want to do in my future jobs.

    i''ve heard from someone about job expectation. most of us are looking for the 3Ps - Pay, People, Prospect. we want to have a high pay job, with nice boss and colleagues and great advancement prospect. however sadly in reality most jobs do not satisfy all 3Ps.

    "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life". This will probably be achievable if i'm the only human on planet earth and so i do not need to consider any of the 3Ps.
  3. I have no passion in my life right. Seriously. I'm just... peaceful and happy right now. It's weird, I don't know how to explain it. I work part time at a coffee shop and I enjoy it but I don't love it. And i'm a uni student studying psych, but I enjoy that too. I'm not passionate about any of those.

    What keeps me going however is my boyfriend and my dog (who has to live with my mum when my unit doesn't allow dogs... aww). I love waking up and seeing him yawn and it's all very movie like for a while until he's like 'God you took all the blankets last night, I was freezing'! And i'm all like 'yes! go me!' and we have a pillow fight.

    You don't need a passion to stay alive and burning. If I ever feel like my life is boring and i'm in a rut, I take up something new. I recently took up yoga because I looked at my schedule and i'm like 'uni... work... jeez that's it!' so I fit 'yoga' in on tuesdays, and suddenly it's something else to look forward to! I'm also constantly learning new languages, it keeps me busy. There's a certain satisfaction in saying something in English and realising you can also saying it in the language you're learning, you tend to do a little fist pump in your head. All these small triumphs in life just make you feel really big because lots of small things all add up.
  4. Animals are my passion. I love animals more than I can say. If I had been smart I would have become a biologist in my university years and be working in that field now. Alas, my career has nothing to do with animals.
  5. Same here. Animal welfare, environmentalism. I wish I had become a marine biologist, or something of that nature. I took Photojournalism and am not doing any journalism, but some photography. I think that I would love doing documentary photo-stories. Buuut those for right now will need to be self-funded or I would need to get grants. Anyways its our own faults for not doing what we love, and I think it takes alot of courage to completely switch your career to do that.
  6. PMing you!
  7. In my occupation, and with my perspective, if I ever lose the passion for doing what I do, I will have to serve out my enlistment and just say goodbye. I have plans for staying in for a full career because I still have that passion for it and I consider it to be undying. The menial jobs associated with being a soldier are not the most fun, sometimes work sucks, but the underlying reasons on why I am there are what I am passionate for. I love being a soldier, it has helped shape who I was yesterday into an even better version of 'Me' today.

    So I suppose, for me the passion is not for the job itself, or for specific things I do, but for the reasons behind them. I'm all about the foundation of things. Why am I in the Army? What do I value? How do I want to treat others? What impact do I want to make on the world? The Army has 7 core values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, personal courage. I value those things too, and so I try to live those values out all the time, not just when I am in uniform. It's the philosopher in me :biggrin: I am always thinking about those things.
  8. I don't really have a passion, seriously. Maybe I should have. I just prefer my life to be peaceful, quiet and predictable.
  9. Peaceful and Quiet! WHAT IS THAT?????!!?!?!!!!! Please tell me, I am dying to know!!!! :biggrin:
  10. Serial Killers.

    Why do they do it? Where is that moment in time when the brain flips and goes the other way? That one precise moment when things were ok...then they weren't. What is the defining characteristic? What can be done if anything? What can be found in the area of research? How can we research more of them?

    Obviously, I'm a psyc major.

    I have been passionate about finding that "moment in time" in an individuals brain that is different from the rest of us for as long as I can remember.
  11. LOL!! I'm always one for the quiet life, and I'm pretty anal about scheduling. Even a little blip can cause me great distress. So knowing exactly what I have to do each day and doing it when I've scheduled it for is my idea of peace and quiet!!
  12. I actually love working with young children with special needs.

  13. Music.

    Listening to it, singing along to it . . . . I could be in a bad mood and put on a song and I'm instantly perked right up. I could be worried about something and put on a song and feel comforted.
  14. Fashion.

    I'm also studing it at the moment, right now Im deciding what field in the fashion industry I would like to go into and I'm looking at where I will study next...that Im still discovering.

    But In the Basics of fashion, I suppose I started at 14, and Louis Vuitton was the first fashion item I decided I needed, then It went from there and ive learnt so much and been designing so much, its my life.
  15. Travel is my passion-the more exotic the better. Last year I took 2 months off work and traveled around the world by myself. It was really the most amazing experience of my life. I just wish I could do it more!
    I am passionate about my career as a chef, but the practical side of it causes me to get burned out from time to time. I think there has to be a balance in choosing a career- passion is important, but so is salary, schedule, stress , working conditions ect.