What is your other 'investment'...


I need more shelf space!
Sep 13, 2005
When I was in the watch business, it was sort of understood that men who collected watches frequently collected pens as well. I think, with women, the assumption is that women who collect handbags also collect shoes. Is that true with you?

I have a fair amount of shoes and I love shoes but I think I have a disproportionate number of coats and jackets. All my shoes are lined up and in their little boxes with photos on the outside but I can't resist a great coat.
Definitely shoes. I bought my first pair of Jimmy Choos 2 years ago and it was all downhill after that. Now I cannot buy cheaper shoes anymore because I have spoiled myself with Prada, Manolos, Moschino and Marc Jacobs.

I also spend a ton on jeans though, I must have 20 pairs. And lately I have gotten into cashmere sweaters as well. By now I am pretty much incorrigible.
Ohhh I love Prada sneakers and Lacoste too!

I think my other indulgences are ... everything. Sigh. I need to work on it- but I love clothes so much, and accessories! I can't help it :embarasse
And I did bring home a new coat and a new bag today! I got a Calvin Klein Collection coat -- its a gray wool that looks and feels just like astrakhan with a gray leather tie belt. The gray of the coat has a sheen so its got a lilac-y undertone. And I couldn't resist, I got the fringed Hogan shopper in yellow suede with brown trim. Now I have three Hogan fringed bags! An 'original' in beige suede. A new small one in black with iridescent trim and this fun yellow one. I'm incorrigible myself!
Megs said:
Issmom- Let's see your Hogan bags!! I have been meaning to write about them!!!:love:

I'm going to have to email the photos to you/Vlad and have you shrink them for me. I guess my camera is too high resolution (as if I know what the problem is!). The files are too big to be uploaded to the Forum. Can I do that?
I love shoes, and I buy a new pair as often as possible. I like old-fashioned shoes (my next purchase is a pair of Fornarina red Mary Janes to die for), because I love vintage! I also love collecting Victoriana shirts (with lots of lace and frills on them) and the clothes my mum wore when she was in her 30s.
Almost anything designer...jewelry, shoes, accessories (like hair clips, shades, etc.), perfumes (I luv collecting em'), and last but not least VIDEOGAMES! PS2, Xbox, PSP, take me away!!! :lol: