What is your opinion regarding this SA?

  1. I was looking at a Chanel bag on display and asked the SA if there were any available in brown. The one on display was black. She said that there might be one. She finds one and brings it out. The leather looked a bit drap and there was some loose stitching so I asked if there were any other ones. She said that was the only one that was left.

    A customer next to me was looking at the same bag in a few different colors. She asked for one in brown. So her SA finds a perfect one in brown. My SA seemed nice so should I give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she really couldn't find another one. Or would you be upset that she didn't take the time to double check and you lost out on buying that bag. The other customer bought the one that was in perfect condition. I was really disappointed that this happened.
  2. I'd be pretty disappointed too. It was either a lazy effort on your SA's part, or the other SA knew the stock better than yours did. Which bag was it, BTW?
  3. Oops, it should have read "drab" not "drap". Can't believe I forgot to name the bag...it was the large classic flap. The leather looked a bit worn rather than having a very slight shine to it like the caviar bags do. I think it looked a bit dried out-just kind of dull looking and stiff.
  4. She should have looked for another one for you. I would have asked that other SA to help.
  5. That's weak! I would find a new SA.
  6. gosh, did you say to her, well how did this other SA find the bag.

    Seriously, if I had the money and was genuinely interested in buying the bag, I would be furious that they had not gone and had another look.

    Is bad, but just remember next time to not go to her and furnish her with any commission ;)
  7. i would definitly find another SA to work with
  8. Same thing almost happened to me. One SA said that the wallet I wanted was the last one but another said there was another in stock. So, happily I got a new wallet (as opposed to the display piece). I must say though that although the SA could have made a genuine mistake (as everyone does ocassionally) I would be very disinclined to have her assist me again. Hope you get the bag you wanted at another store =)
  9. I'm sorry that happened to you. That certainly isn't the way it should have worked.
  10. I would not use that SA again!
  11. I would have complained to the store manager. I can't tell you the amount of times Chanel have told me that they would not sell a defective bag to a customer that they would rather send it back to head office. I can't beleive that SA didn't check on her computer for their stock levels, that is really bad customer service.
  12. She could have looked in the computer! That stinks!
  13. Did she say anything to you, when the other SA was able to find the bag? Did you ask your SA why she couldn't find one for you? Or did she just play dumb, like she didn't see a brand new bag appear for this new customer.

    I'd find a new SA. There are too many good ones out there to be stuck with a bad one.
  14. I confirmed with my Chanel SA regarding your problem... the item that your SA tried to sell you should have been sent back to Chanel..All Chanel SA know that Chanel does not sell defective items and they aren't even allowed on the floor with the exception of the Chanel outlet stores which may stock products with very minor defects... however for major defects the products are returned to Chanel....Further my SA stated for you to contact the handbag buyer or the store manager and have them locate the bag for you...Good luck with your handbag search..
  15. The SA was not doing a good job of serving to your satisfaction. I would find another SA. I guess the saying is very true "seek a second opinion"

    Guess we learn for the future