What is your opinion on this bag?

  1. Hmmm, I'm not an expert but check out the picture of the buckle - doesn't it look slightly damaged?

    Also, kinda funny that the tag has FAKEG on it. geez if it's real someone didn't catch that during production?? ;)
  2. Omg!!! Didn't see that one. I am not an expert at all so I wasn't sure if this was a real one or fake. The tag might be spelling it out though :smile:
  3. LOL...what is up with that FAKEG???

    The bag sure is beautiful though....
  4. I thought so too but maybe it is a fake. God now with all the fakies on ebay I am so freakin paranoid. It really is too bad. :sad:
  5. I have no clue whether it is fake or real...

    It is gorgeous!!!!!! I would be too scared to wear it because if I did that would be the day I would be really clumsy! :shame: