What is your opinion on the Noé?

  1. I like classic LV bags, such as the mono speedy, the bucket, etc., and now I am thinking about the Noé...is it comfortable to carry for everyday? What about getting in and out of? Is it a pain to tie it closed all of the time? I've always liked the way it looks, but I just can't decide on it...Your thoughts??? Thank you!!!:confused1:
  2. A girl after my own heart!!!! I too love all the classic LV designs and try to obtain them all.....

    I just recently bought the noe....I didnt think that I would love it...but I really do. The tie close can be a bit annoying when in a hurry... but the fact that it can be fully opened up is a plus...overall, its a really wonderful bag. Has the look, functionality and is a very lovely design.

    Also, its one of those bags that can be dressed up with scarfs, especially for summer time.
  3. I hadn't thought about the scarf thing - that would be fun to dress it up! Thank you for your input, I really think I want one, but I want to be sure it is practical!!!!