What is your opinion on mypoupette?

  1. When I first started buying, I only bought from my poupette sellers. But recently I'ver heard mixed reviews....So far they've been good to me. And I've been told by my LV stores, that my lovingly used bags I've purchased are all authentic.

    My Poupette.com

    I suspect most of you are familiar with the webiste and authentication services.

    What do people think? Do you or would you pay the $5 to have an auction authenticated?

    Do LV stores respect the opinion of my poupette?
  2. I personally don't think they have heard of MP. Or the ones I have come across don't know what MP is. No, to having something authenticated. I would try someone here first, for no fee. There are TONS of sellers on eBay who are very reputable and are not part of MP or any other boards.
  3. I apologize because I think there is another thread of this going around.

    But, although i've had mostly great luck with the services, I wondered what actual offcial LV SA and managers think of the site.
  4. I take my poupette with a grain of salt, personally. I do not assume it's real if it's a my poupette seller, I have seen more than a few questionable auctions on eBay that were from my poupette sellers..

    For authentication...between Lee, Addy and John, I trust tPF more...

  5. Personally I would be careful with their service.
  6. I've been MP for almost 4 years now, I respect Angie and the work she has done to keep people from being ripped off on eBay and other unethical auction sites. She does maintain high standards for her sellers and works hard to keep up that reputation. Her authentication part of her website may come in handy to those that don't know we have our own purse forum board experts in JOhn, Addy and Lee and a few others that pop up with some regularity. :yes: :yes:
  7. I havent yet used the service but I do think its quite a good thing to offer. It really annoys me that people advertise their stuff as authentic when they known damn well its not. I have always been very warey of buying LV from ebay but I found a seller just before xmas on there called Timeless LV and they are great. So helpful and bend over backwards to provide peace of mind and a great service. Look them up and if you cant see what you want within their stuff drop them an email and tell them what you are looking for and they can often get hold of it. Now I have found them I really dont look a great deal at anyones elses LV.
    Hope this helps
  8. I've never used MP but I'd rather use the "Authentiate This" thread... :p
  9. I've used poupette numerous times (before I found this forum) and found their services to be quite useful. But now I'm saving the $5 and having you guys authenticate stuff for free! That means more money for bags!
  10. I do appreciate having the MPRS list, because I feel safer buying from one of them. I am disappointed in the authentication service, however. The last time I paid them to authenticate, they never returned my email, so I basically have a $10 credit with them, and I may ask for it back on principle, because I am not sure I can trust them to actually respond if I needed them in the future. I would rather use the authentication thread here from now on.
  11. I guess what kinda gets me is, that people tend to want to buy from them, and they get sales over people, like me who have the occassional bag to sell. I admit, its great marketing.

    I have people asking why I am not mypoupette, or if I'll pay for the authentication. It makes selling my used LV a hassle. Whereas, I just want to sell my bag so I can get something new and pretty.:yes: