What is your opinion on Fjord leather?

  1. I would like to get all your helpful opinions on Fjord leather. I hear it's desirable because it helps to hold a bag's shape over time. The downside is that it's heavier. How much heavier? Do any of you have experience holding Fjord as compared to Togo, Chevre, Clemence, Box?

    Your opinions would help me a great deal!:P
  2. The grain is coarser because it's adult bull, a vache leather. It is thicker than either togo or clemence, which are veau leathers, baby calf and bull, respectively, so it is slightly heavier. To get a better idea, check out the leather book next time you are at Hermes.
  3. Everyone says slightly heavier....I'm wondering if it's that big of a deal... or is it 2lbs heavier? I don't have hermes near me, so I can't compare and see the leather book.

    Is fjord more or less expensive?
  4. Not 2 lbs. heavier. 2 bags, same dimensions, one in clemence and one in fjord, I'd say slightly less than a lb. difference. The cowhides are usually around the same price.
  5. SA has told me that Fjord is more expensive...
  6. I had an Evelyne bag in Fjord a long time ago (I sold it), as I remember, I wasn't too kean on that leather, the grain is bigger than that of Clemence, which is already big, and Clemence is much softer to the touch, besides being less heavy (but not that much). All things considered, and having had a bag in Fjord, I wouldn't buy one in this leather, but that's JMHO..;) :biggrin:
  7. It is more durable and water resistant than Togo or Clemence but it's not one of my favorite leathers.
  8. I agree with all of the above! One thing not mentioned yet, however, is that some colors (that I've seen, anyway) show so beautifully in Fjord! Rouge Vif is absolutely rich and vibrant in this leather!
  9. I called Hermes and they told me that this leather will hold it's shape over time because it's more rigid. The softer leathers may sag or wrinkle over time...

    I don't know - it's all so confusing!
  10. Yes, addicted, Fjord is certainly more rigid. Are you able to visit an Hermes shop to um, fondle all the leathers? :lol:
  11. No fondling for me unfortunately.....too far:sad:
  12. addicted - I "fondled" (ha ha) a Fjord briefcase (don't know the exact bag) recently, and it is not one of my favorite leathers. The grain is big.
  13. IMO Fjord is a beautiful & durable leather, but the larger & coarser grain makes it look somewhat "masculine". I think this leather would be wonderful on a bigger HAC or briefcase for men :smile:
  14. Fjord is a beautiful leather and as Lucy says, Fjord does show some of the H colours more vibrantly ...

    Below (hopefully) should be a pic of a BJ Togo 35cm on the left as you look at the screen and a BJ Fjord 30cm on the right) ... obviously the texture of the leathers is slightly different.

    In the Fjord, irl, the colour is just that bit deeper .... as for weight, I tend to carry my bags with rather a lot of goodies inside so I am used to heavier bags, but jmo, I haven't noticed any difference (although I am sure there probably is) in the weight of any of my Togo bags against Fjord in the same size

  15. Actually this is probably a better comparison of the difference in leather and colour on a BJ Fjord and BJ Togo, sorry couldn't work out how to remove the old picture and paste this new one in:shame: