what is your opinion of emerald-cut diamonds? not sparkly enough?

  1. I've been shopping for an engagement, and my heart almost stopped when I tried on this gorgeous emerald-cut pave diamond ring. It has super micro pave around it...the craftmanship is absolutely amazing. But I'm not super sure about the emerald cut. It is Internally Flawness, 1.19 carats, and F color. It just doesn't sparkle as much as a tiffany round though. I do like it for it's fancy shape though. What do you gals think? Not enough sparkle?
  2. I love emerald-cut diamonds although they don't sparkle the same way a round diamond does. My e-ring has an asscher which is a squared emerald (check it out in the 'rings on your finger' thread, towards the end). As long as the cut is good you shouldn't have any problem with the sparkles. I actually like the way emerald-cut diamonds look, so timeless, elegant, and not 'loud' or in your face. I'd say find one with the best cut and go for it!
  3. I love emerald-cut diamonds! Very classy IMO.
  4. Typically you get more bang for your buck with an emerald cut because they use a lot more of the stone. They can be gorgeous. Only you can figure this out though!
  5. I think emerald cuts are gorgeous. Many round diamonds seem more sparkly, but they actually give you less bang for your money. It is easy to make a round diamond deeper, increasing the carat weight, but the stone is hidden under the prongs. An emerald cut shows more of the stone and even with less bling I think it is classier.
  6. I love the look of emerald-cut diamonds. They are beautiful and timeless. I also very rarely see them where I live so they're something special amidst the cookie-cutter round diamonds. Since you had such a positive reaction to that ring, I would go with it. Definitely follow your gut instinct!
  7. clean and classic, but not much sparkle.
    I like them a lot, but I like mine to sparkle a litlte more.
  8. Ditto for me.

    If you like the shape of the emerald, try a radiant cut. It has more facets than an emerald cut and thus sparkles more.
  9. I love the idea of an emerald cut--but, after looking at the sparkle available for a diamond in other cuts--I decided to leave the Emerald cut for an Emerald:smile:
  10. I love my emerald cut, I would never replace it for another cut, it's just perfectly my style. I've liked this style stone as long as I could remember, I think the first time it caught my eye was antique shopping with my grandmother as a little girl and since then always pictured that for my engagement ring. Mine is set with princess cuts on the sides so I do have a little sparkle to contrast the clean cut of the emerald..... You have to love it whatever you get and it has to feel right on you, I don't think it matters what anyone elses opinions are....
  11. that's beautiful Lola!
  12. ^thank you, cameraphone picture, but you can see that there is some sparkle..
  13. beautiful picture LOLA, awesome ring!

    Yes, I think I like the emerald after all because it seems more unique than the round. but the round is so classic after all. hmmmmm. i guess for me the setting makes a huge difference.
  14. I have an emerald-cut engagement ring and I love it. :smile:)) EVERYONE I know or work with or see has a round cut, and I like to have something unique to me.
  15. I think emerald cuts are very classy and timeless, but you need a super good stone- VVS. I like more facets that sparkle like crazy!