What is your oldest item that you still love?

  1. Mine is a black cashmere crew neck that I bought in a store near the British Museum in 1969! I have worn it all through the years -- it still fits well and is in good shape, and is still a favorite sweater among my dozens of black sweaters.

    I also have a Laura Ashley jumper that I wore to my son's 4th birthday party (he is about to turn 22) but I haven't worn it at all since then -- I keep it as a relic.

    Have had my diamond eternity band for 25 years -- and it was an antique when I got it.

    What's your oldest, much-loved item?
  2. My mother's cardigan from the 50s. I think it's been through 2 sets of buttons, but I still love it.
  3. I have a vintage Rolex watch I inherited from my grandfather. He got it when he worked on the railroad during the great depression. I also have a couple old LV bags that I love too along with toys from when I was little. (Dancarina doll being one.) I also have an old cast iron iron that belonged to my great grandmother and also my grandmother's wash board hanging on the wall of my laundry room to remind me how easy I really have it. :lol:

    Here's a photo of the watch:


    I also collect antique jewelry and could post a bunch about that but that's probably for another thread.
  4. My oldest loved item would probably have to be my great grandmother's ring. It was one of maybe two or three jewelry items saved during the '49 revolution in China. Everything was trashed or flushed down the toilet. :sick:
  5. i have a pair of strappy sandals from payless shoes of all places that i bought for 8th grade graduation almost 10 years ago...i still wear them occaisionally. i'm suprised they're still intact. :smile:

    i have a large collection of books from my childhood...i still reread them.

    my wedding ring is an antique eternity band...i haven't had it for very long in the grand scheme of things, but it's way older than i am...i LOVE it.
  6. A gorgeous silk quilt that my great-grandmother hand-quilted.
  7. Hmmmm....I have a crochet sweater that my grandmother made me about 20 years ago...just wore it the other day....a Guess miniskirt from high school in a teen size 14...that STILL fits:biggrin: !!! I wouldn't wear it, but keep it around to make myself feel good!! Probably some other stuff, but those are the first 2 that come to mind!
  8. my raggedy ann doll. :love:I got her on my first christmas. She had MAJOR reconstructive surgery back in the 90's after her face started shredding apart. I carefully took her apart (keeping the stuffing in it's exact form), turned her pieces inside-out, ironed them, and used them as the pattern to make new skin from some flesh colored fabric I had. I copied her face as exactly as I could using embroidery and applique, and put her old skin and hair inside her new skin. I also gave her brown hair (like me!) this time, and her heart is solid embroidery with just the word love in it.

    I made Raggedy Anns for each of my daughters for their first christmas, too.

    I also have a little china angel bell that was given to me by the old man who lived next door to us when I was six. It was his wife's when she was little. He was so cool! He was in his 90's, had a huge garden and bee hives, from which he would bring us honey combs to spread on toast, and he hunted squirrels and made them into stews and gave us kids the tails to play with.
  9. omg!! that is the coolest neighbor EVER...mmm fresh honey.
  10. I still have my stuffed Kermit the Frog that I've had since I was 2. I am 26 now. My mom said I had trouble saying Kermit the Frog at that age, so I always called him Mit Frog. That's kind of cute, now that I think of it.
  11. Is this a joke, did I miss something?? If one of my neighbors from when I was little made squirrel soup and gave me the tails, I would probably still be having traumatic nightmares!
  12. I little stuffed kitten that looks like a real tabby. I got it when I was 5 years old.

    And a sterling silver outline heart with a small diamond in the center necklace that my grandmother gave me for my 16th birthday, which was 26 years ago.
  13. :biggrin:
    he was 90 in the early 70's. when he grew up, people used everything. I never saw him clean the squirrels, but I did taste the stew (it was good!) I had friends who raised rabbits for food, too. different times, eh?
  14. Probably a stuffed dog that my grandma bought me when I was like 4. I remember the same day we picked one up for my brother too... his looks brand new while mine had to have its head sewed back on because I slept with it every night. I don't think I could ever get rid of him. Funny... its also never had a name! Just my dog.
  15. I still have my moms old china dolls and doll house furniture, too.