What is your occupation?

  1. I work in the fashion industry as a stylist and a designer.

    What do you do?
  2. I am an auditor for the state. I think your job sounds fun!
  3. I Am A Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nurse (nicu), While Each Day Is Challenging, I Love It.
  4. Thank you! I had a preemie, and while he was only in the NICU 10 days I appreciated you guys. Some of those little "chickens" you work with break my heart. I believe that you and your colleagues are gifted. I know that it is a frightening experience to have a sick baby and the nurses at our hospital made it a lot easier. Ditto for the HRP nurses!

    As for me, I was a school system administrator and prior to that a special education teacher. I currently stay at home raise my brood!
  5. As a Canadian living in the US, my engineer hubby has the work visa so I have my time to myself. .. previously though, my career was as a radio announcer - hosting both music and news programs.
  6. I am a Junior in school studying psychology and I LOVE it! It is a passion of mine to work in the field of psychology preferably psychotherapy.
  7. I'm a "NetworkOperations Coordinator" with the Discovery Channel. Sounds better than it is. i do all operational stuff with ordering, supervising and bringing the tapes on air. But I'm doing my B.A. in economics in home studying so that I can leave the TV industry and get myself an decent job with a blue chip company.
  8. Hopefully in 1 1/2 years i will become a physiotherapist :biggrin: Until then i'm just a student ;)
  9. A mom and an attorney- and debating becoming a SAHM full time
  10. A marketing director (also a Mom) and just like jag...debating becoming a SAHM. But where would I get my purse funds? I'm so torn....
  11. I am right there with you! LOL!
  12. That's funny because that is what I want to be after my B.A but i managed to be a Mum already:biggrin:
  13. i'm a pharmacy techinician, working at the university i'm helping the future pharmacists of new zealand to dispense drugs! (hehehehe) i love my job! ***hugs job***
  14. computer programmer/analyst