What is your nightly skin routine?

  1. I take showers in the mornings, so at night I usually use eye makeup remover and then a cleanser. Then after I pat my skin dry I put my differin on my spots that im having trouble with...thats it.

    However, Ive been wondering if I should be doing something different. What is the best cleanser out there? What about a toner? Actually, what exactly IS a toner? and do i need one? Do i need to add anything else to my nightly routine?

    ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thank you! (oh and im fairly young so im not REALLY worried about wrinkles or anything, but any products you think might help - let me know!)
  2. I don't think a toner is necessary... I keep reading that it really only just dries out your skin and doesn't do much good.

    I think the best routine is to use a gentle cleanser and make sure you moisturize and wear sunblock during the day to protect it. Pretty simple! If you are worried about wrinkles, you can also add an extra step of wrinkle serum, or just find a moisturizer that does both. Moisturizing is very important.

    I always remove my eye make up with a cotton ball and remover, and I wash my face with fragrance free cleanser, I use a basic eye cream and moisturizer/sunblock. Once or twice a week I also exfoliate. I think products that are gentle should be fine-- no specific brand, really, but if you are looking for a good brand, try Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer, and Neutrogena makes good sunblock.
  3. 1. wash face with gentle cleanser and eye makeup remover, pat dry
    2. sometimes use toner, sometimes not
    3. apply under eye cream and eyelid gel
    4. apply rich night cream
    5. brush teeth
    6. drink large glass of water and off to bed

    Toner will remove any traces of cleanser you may not have rinsed off and it will PH balance your skin. Toner and astringent are not the same thing.
  4. My beauty routine:
    1) Eye makeup remover
    2) Makeup removing oil/creamy cleanser
    3) Gel/gentle cleaner for face and neck
    4) Toner to softern skin and prepare for night cream
    5) Lightening cream since I've freckles
    6) Eye gel/cream
    7) Night cream for face and neck
  5. What kind of night creams and eye gels/creams are you guys using? And thanks for your answers so far!
  6. I either use Vitamin E night cream or Aloe night cream both from the Body Shop. I use the Vitamin E when my skin is dry, it's super moisturizing, and the Aloe all other times. The aloe even helps lessen the redness of acne.
  7. This is my night routine (pretty much the same as everyone else's):

    -Eye makeup remover
    -Exfoliate and apply Mint Julep Mask (this is every other day)
    -Night Cream
  8. I just wash my face. I only apply moisturizer in the morning. I like to have a completely clean face at night to let my skin breathe.
  9. For night cream, my favorite is the La Mer lotion (not cream, too heavy). Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex is what I use at night. It works!

    It also depends on your age and skin type. What type of skin do you have -- dry, normal/dry, normal/oily or oily?
  10. 1.Remove eye makeup (American Beauty Bare Faced Beauty makeup remover)
    2.Wash face (Noxema Triple Clean Anti-Bacterial Lathering Cleanser)
    3.Apply BHA treatment (Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion)

    I'm hoping to find a cheaper eye makeup remover at the drugstore that does as good a job as the American Beauty one, so I don't necessarily recommend it unless you have extra money to burn.

    I like to keep my routine simple. IMO the fewer products you have to put on your skin the better.
  11. Dont shoot me...

    1. I was my face with Dove Aloe and Cucumber bar soap.
    2. I use an astringent.
    3. I fill up a glass of water and gulp it down.
    4. I re-fill the glass of water for the nightstand(incase I get thirsty lol).

    Thats all. :push:
  12. At night, wash face in shower with Neutrogena cleanser - I switch around a few of Neutrogena cleanser.

    1. Followed by either Retin A or Mama lotion.
    2. Dior Snow emulsion (just got this today).

    I rotate products, I use Retin A for a couple of weeks then switch to Mama lotion and then switch to something non-aggressive for my skin to "chill" and then rotate back again. :lol: I am one of those that believe skin learns, so I switch products and face cleanser :p

    I use eye gel too.. can't rem the brand :sweatdrop:
  13. beejerry- my skin is kinda combo....it gets dry from like below my nose and down and then oily around my noise and a little on my forehead.

    thanks for all the replies so far! im deft. going to go out and get some new products!
  14. My routine is pretty simple at night
    wash with Alpha Hydrox foaming cleanser
    - NeoStrata eye cream on lids and under eyes
    - pat dry then apply Differin gel all over
    - wait 15ish minutes then use LindiSkin serum to moisturise
  15. my skin is combo too, but the RetinA plays a part in making it combo, as it is drying. Else my skin is an oil slick. :push: