What is YOUR next target?

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  1. Let me know what your next target is, I probrably haven't seen all that is out there yet. Mine is the LV Trapeze PM or GM. Provide a link if you can. Do share!!! :nuts:
  2. Well.. I am waiting for my paddy from LVR. The LV mizi looks tempting and do love the gaucho.
  3. I only have one target. Chloé Paddington bag in red. Not sure which type of red, but that one would make me sleep good at night... :smile:

  4. Looking forward to the Balenciaga moto in INK that Aloha Rag is getting in mid Jan.
  5. My current wishlist...

    Chanel Caviar Leather Tote in black or white
    Dior Medium Detective in red
    Chloe Silverado in tan

    I plan on buying two of the three on this list, in any order. I wish I could get them all, but I know I can't afford it this year. I had been wanting the LV Manhattan PM for a while, but after going to the boutique and trying it on, I decided that it's not really my style after all. It's a beautiful bag, but not for me.
  6. I wonder if the INK color will be similar to the Indigo color (Fall/Winter 2004). Here's my Indigo Medium City Classique:

  7. Hmmm ... and my Chloe Grenat Paddington will be the first to be sold off in 2006 (I used it for one hour ... had to take 2 Advil afterwards!).
  8. No, ink is much darker than the indigo. Almost black..
    btw.. i love the leather on it.
  9. Ooohhh.. I LOVE the distress in your leather. Very yummy.

    Someone from another blog bought the INK work and I posted her photos (w/ her permission) under the thread "What will be the first bag on your 2006 list?" I love how it's so close to be a black color and yet with a hint of blue in it.
  10. Grenat is that the same as wine red?
    Now it´s not fun to live in another country... :smile:

  11. Need link to the LV mizi pls! What colour is your paddy? What size?
  12. I got one of those in pink about two months ago. It is great for a dressy bag, it will be perfect for spring, I am waiting until then to use it. It is so elegant and girly.
  13. Great choice, I love that color it is amazing!
  14. Mulberry Roxanne in choco brown

    Mini-black paddy with silver hardware.

    CeeJay what do you mean selling your paddy?????:amazed:
    Advil?? Was it too heavy? :amazed:
  15. Hmmm....a white or black LV multicolor Trouville and (thanks to you girls here with all your pics!) a Chloe Paddington in whiskey....oh and I'd really like a LV monogram Speedy 25 now as well! Yikes! I had better get a job :smile: