What is your next purchase, BV and non-BV?

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  1. Since many of us seem to be planning our upcoming purchases, I thought it'd be fun to see what everyone is plotting to purchase next so we can do what TPF does best: enable. :yes: Plus it'll tide us over until we can actually purchase the items! Pictures are most helpful.

    I'll start:

    BV: Bronze lizard knot clutch in October & perhaps small black campana (in indefinite time before price increase next year)

    Non-BV: Chanel white caviar jumbo classic flap in October

    My wallet will be crying in October :crybaby:

    Your turn!
  2. Ferro Roma (or veneta special order) around Nov-Dec if they are still in stock then.
    Hmm, need some shoes; my shoe SA at NM has been missing me ever since I discovered BV handbags!
    Hermes agenda/notebook when I go to Las Vegas in Dec.
    I have a few Hermes scarves coming my way this week.
    I always get a small piece of jewellery when I go to a particular boutique called Twist in Portland, OR every year.

    Well, I better start saving like crazy for all that!
  3. This is a horrible enabling thread!! :p
    Now I'm going to have to try not to look/read so I can keep myself from thinking, "well, I guess it's not too bad then for me to indulge... since everyone else is!!!"
  4. BV--rumor had it that they are coming out with an even larger veneta in ebano only for this season...waiting for confirmation on that! Anyone heard??? Plus I am trying to decide if I should get the BV in the third pic top left side that I posted a few days before. I didn't see it coming back for this season so I am hesitant to get something so seasonal.
    Non-BV--waiting for my patent croc quilted YSL tribute from Paris. It has been like three months and I can't wait to get it. My SA says it should be here by the end of the month but it is back-ordered at Neimans until Dec.

    Non-accessory...I need a new living room set (couch...oversized chair...coffee table and side table) but I tend to put those on the back of my mind when I have handbags arriving!
  5. Mystiletto - just wanted to let you know that the knot clutch is Karung (watersnake), not lizard.
  6. Med Veneta in December...for now...
  7. That's so good to hear. I too like the clutch in bronze, but was having second thoughts as I've an aversion to lizards (which stems from house lizards :push:smile:.
  8. i am planning on buying nothing relating to bags till 2008. i calculated the splurges i am done and umm...let's say my bank account isn't very happy now :sad:
  9. if this is true, this is EXACTLY what I need. Puuuhhhllllleaaaase keep me posted.

    next bv purchase: large ebano veneta, hopefully even a maxi or this larger imagined one?

    non bv purchase: a watch, I refuse to talk about it until it actually happens :supacool:
  10. My last handbag purchase of 2007 is going to be a BV Noce Campana in November when I go back to work.
    Non-BV -- A couple pairs of pants, a couple of cashmere sweaters, a few more tops and maybe another pair of Manolos.
    Plus, I'm thinking about getting an Hermes tea set as a Hannukah/Christmas present to myself.

  11. Yes, thanks for the correction uclaboi. Isn't it just gorgeous? :heart:
  12. I know exactly how you feel, because, I think I'm in a similar predicament - although, I can't help myself. Kudos to your self-discipline! I'm sure your SO is a happy man.
  13. i have been liking this bag from Neiman Marcus. this picture is from Neiman Marcus on line. does anyone know what leather it is made from? how does everyone feel about the bag. i think it is different but haven't seen it irl.
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