What is your NEXT Handbag purchase?

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  1. Ok. So I guess there was already a what are you carrying now thread.
    Will try this approach.
    What handbag do you plan on buying next...for this summer?
    THANKS again all!!!
    Start listing!!!:wlae:
  2. I should NOT even be thinking about this but a couple possibilities - LV Suhali Lockit or Chanel accordion flap. Probably not for several months though.
  3. My next purchase is a Tano that I am really excited about! I'm told it should be in stock at the end of this month, it is from their new spring line. :yahoo:

  4. i just purchased a gucci 2 days ago (after saying that i will save up for a balenciaga- haha!) so i guess i am getting a bbag next. don't know when, though.
  5. Either Tanner Krolle Eva, LV Mahina XL, or Hermes Paris Bombay High.

    And I will have to sneak whichever one into the house or DH might just have me committed.
  6. i want a bbag or rm bag.
  7. I guess my next bag will be a Nine West Gain Medium Satchel in Splash Yellow
  8. I have a feeling it will be something Coach, probably the Madeline!
  9. I JUST (ok, like 2 hours ago) got a beautiful discontinued LV Black Monogram Mat Fowler, so I'm over the moon! And I have about 900 bucks in credit at LV, so I'll be buying an epi speedy 25 in a week or two.
  10. I think the LV Montorgueil GM
  11. The Aquarelle Watercolor Speedy 35, size permitting.....
  12. Some kind of organizer/agenda and I'm thinking that I really want a Gryson
    Alexa in dark grey.
  13. I bought a Gevenchy Nightingale today.
    Hmmm, I am considering the marc jacobs bag as my next bag.
  14. hopefully a Chanel Wallet on Chain this Thursday!:love:
  15. I want a BE in purple crash!! Not sure as to what model yet.