What is your next Chanel bag purchase?

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  1. Just curious what everyone has at the top of their wish list. I still haven't decided ONE yet.:yes:
  2. I'm going to be really strong and only buy my two dream bags, don't care how long it takes, they are Fuschia or Pink Valentine Heart Chain bag and the Vintage Ligne box bag in black.
  3. Either a choco brown flap w/ silver - or a GST, prob black. But I am still holding out for my SA to find me a black or white/python Cambon tote!!!
  4. Just bought a cerf tote today in tan to use for summer,Eventually I would like a jumbo flap.... trying to limit my purchases to 1-2 bags a year...the cerf tote is my second bag this year so I guess I'm done for now!:wtf:
  5. I'm thinking of getting a black cerf tote.

    emememem - congrats on your new beige cerf tote.
  6. I am interested in an east-west caviar with silver classic style chain, in possibly a dark green. I was told by an SA that this would be offered in the fall collection. Or perhaps the bordeaux PST.....Either would be a good addition to my growing collection.
  7. Damn Gst that I still havent got, I purchased 6 bags in 2 months, and I keep saying Chanel will be the next, but everything keeps going on sale.
  8. I've decided I won't buy until I find my HG. That should keep me on a Chanel purse ban for a while.
  9. I will be getting a GST in black with silver hardware in the fall to finish my GST collection....but my next pending decision, purchase will be the Paris / Monte Carlo bag in July. Talk about Goodbye money....
  10. Im craving a beige caviar flap with gold hardware....I know I have a lot of flaps but they seem to be the only bags I never tire of.
  11. black cerf! I'm just waiting on convincing my BF to open up a saks charge so I can get 10% off. :graucho:
  12. I would LOVE to see your new cerf, are you planning on any modeling pics in the future???
  13. I want a light color medium size single flap with old chain.
  14. black GST with silver hardware!
  15. Oh I love this thread. My next purchase will be a large black cerf with gold CC's. And that will be it this year. Maybe next year before the spring, I'll get a medium white flap with old chain.

    Congrats on the beige cerf! Can you model please?