What is your 'new bag' ritual?

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  1. We sweat:sweatdrop: over which one to buy, hunt like nomads for the best deal and then we jump! and make the buy. Our heart pumps faster, the eyes glaze over and we make the decision.....THIS IS THE ONE.

    Then we wait.

    And wait.

    And watch the calendar.

    And wonder if we need to send an S.O.S to find the location of our bag. :sos:

    Then the dog's ears perk up and that beautiful, big white truck pulls into my cul-de-sac, the fella steps out holding a box that contains my new bag. I want to kiss him!:kiss:

    When Fred, my FedEx man walks up the driveway I start to sweat, yet again.....IT'S HERE!

    Then it begins, my new purse ritual.

    I carefully set the box on the kitchen island, making sure the counter is pristine clean. I slit the packing tape, unfold the box flap and gently lift her out. Unwrapping comes next, bubblewrap, tissue paper....and there she is, my new baby.

    I inspect her carefully, checking her bottom, closure, interior. I pooch out the body of the bag to see how much she might hold then put her on my shoulder and look in the mirror. I hold her this way and that, on my arm, in my hand..and delight in the appearance.

    I then load her up with the normal accompaniments from my other, now ~old~ bag. It is fun to place the cell in the slip pocket, the wallet right here, the daybook over here and the cosmetic case right there. Then I get the feel of how it will be to carry her around.

    After this first carry I unload the bag then treat her with the leather protectant spray, letting it dry thoroughly.

    Then she is ready to roll and I load her up again and go somewhere, ANYWHERE just to take her for a spin. Often times I take her to the local coffee house for her first trip out, sit and read the paper while I drink yet another au lait.

    When we arrive back home she goes to her special place, a nice hook in the kitchen, resting:sleepy: until she is again called out to play.

    Silly, maybe. But we all have them, that new bag ritual.

    What is yours?
  2. This is weird. I never thought of it but I do have a ritual too. My hubby brings the mail home around 7pm. I won't open it yet. I have to wait until Midnight or after he goes to bed. I take it to the spare bedroom. I have this need to be alone when I have my first impression. Lay it on the bed and carefully open and inspect it. Then I put all my stuff in it to "try it on" even though I don't intend to use it right then. Then I empty it and make a final evaluation. Only after that will I show it to Hubby.
    And of course I always smell the bag...LOLOL
  3. well i live in a shady part of town, not TOO shady, but shady enough that the stupid fed ex dude leaves my crap on my downstairs neighbors porch, so scratch that, i don't get things sent to me....

    the ritual of CHOOSING a bag tho, thats the fun part. i'll just tell u of my last trip out :yes:

    great thread by the way !!!

    so, i was having a bad day, (mind you the day before i bought a 160 dollar dooney & bourke... but that didn't matter at the time lol...)

    i loaded up my new dooney, which i love to death, and my lovely gay man decided we were going to freeport.... a RANDOM almost 2 hour drive? for a PURSE!? why not??? so we hop in my freezing car (yeah no heat in my car, i live in maine how do you like that?) and we drove the hour and a half or so to Freeport, Maine, where there is a Dooney & Bourke factory store, and a Coach outlet!

    we drive down the road, and since i'd never been there, my eyes were slamming from one side of the road to the other tryin to find the place! :sneaky:

    i see it... the big white sign... COACH.... mmm... of course by now i have the OLDEST little old lady in front of me turning and going to the EXACT parking lot i was so i was like MOVE LADY I GOTTA BUY A PURSE IT'S PURSE TIME! my roommate is sittin there laughin his arse off at my display of excitement, while i panic and see one parking spot left. mine. i frolic out of the car so fast my roommate has to skip to catch up to me. i take a deep breath and walk into the store. i want ONE purse. i know what purse that is... i look to the left and it's the FIRST ONE I LAID MY EYES ON! i told myself that i couldn't make this day so short... so i let my roommate frolic around the little mens section they have, while i look at accssories. i find a mini skinny i like too, but coach kinda dissapointed me, so i decided to take a gander at what a Dooney Factory store would have. i promise a sweet S.A. named Summer, and yes she was blonde :p that i will be back for that bag, seeing as it was the last 2 they'd ever have, and i refuse to buy it offa eBay. i get some general directions as to where the dooney store is from another S.A. and take the trip down the road. we spot it fairly quicky and park.

    this is where we had some fun, i tell ya.

    we parked kinda far away, so we had fun talking about what i thought i might buy there, seeing as i'd already made a decision on a purse for the day. who knows what we're in for right?

    so when we get there he goes his own way and i go mine, immediately. the set up of the store is delish, and i see oodles of things i like. i checked out all the lines ppl dont' like, looked at the quality of a few suede bags, checked some prices, but knew that no decision could be made without the gayman, so i pryed him away from a 400 dollar messanger bag that i think he really NEEDS to own... (hell i didn't have THAT much money lol) and dragged him to a few sections. every time i saw a purse we both liked, he'd stick it on his arm. by the time we were done, he had a random array of everything i had liked in the store that was within my price range. out of those purses i had chosen, my roommate pegged a few off the list due to price, and print he didn't care for. it was pretty much between a quilted hobo, and a quilted barrel. the quilted barrel was the ONLY one of it's color pattern. it was SO a few seasons ago... i carried it around. sniffed it. hugged it. fell in love.

    i brought it up to the counter, after a long debate with myself on why i do NOT need another handbag... lol... well lets just say i won. or lost. or whatever lol... i bought the bag.

    the S.A. looked longingly at the bag as she checked me out. she then looked me right in the eyeballs and said "i've had this bag in the back for like 3 months now. i just haven't been able to save money to buy it." i knew my face must have twisted... she works here and can't afford a bag? hmm.... "why couldn't you afford it?" i said, kinda boldly... she then told me she only worked one day a week, and was going to school so she had no time to work anyway. boohoo for her. it's mine.

    so i pranced out of that place with the biggest you know what eating grin on my face HAHA lady! (we TOTALLY skipped to the car once we got into the parking lot... ppl were lookin at us and we were laughin our asses off... it was probably a hysterically funny sight to see, as i'm a kinda heavier girly lol...)

    i went back to the coach store, and saw that the pouch i wanted was DOWN TO ONE. i had like a heart attack. Summer sweetly greeted me with YAY you came back! i said honey, thats my purse over there! i grabbed the pouch and cardinal skinny mini. it was just happening. i was making a coach purchase including accessories today lol... jake, the gayman, glued himself to the manly corner while i pawed through the cute keyfobs. i found a signature multipurse keyfob and claimed it mine. (still cant' find a pic of that one) woops....

    so that day, i had NO intentions of buying purses. i had bought a purse the day before. the deals you find in outlet stores and factory stores are DANGEROUS. and LOVELY! i love purse shopping.

    so i guess i have a gayman ritual. if there are too many things, he carries them around and then decides which he doesn't like! then i get to choose from the ones left over. we have so much fun!

    lol... now i have to pay my rent! (gonna be late, but it'll be paid friday!)

    spontanious purse rituals rule.
  4. Hmm lol I feel weird now :p cause in all honesty I don't have a ritual..
    I get most all my bags from LV so I choose & buy the bag and head home, get it out of the box and admire it :smile:
    and set it down somewhere so I can look at it and use it the next day when I go out :biggrin:
    but it changes with every bag, I mean I never do the exact same thing.
  5. i feel WAY much more normal now!!! LOL!!! i get the bag home and put it in my closet...(there is way too much testosterone in my house for anyone else to appreciate a bag)...and i wait until everyone is asleep...then i unwrap it and do a "once through" making sure all the zippers, pockets, stitching etc., is all there an in order...after that i run a VERY hot bubble bath and put the bag on a hook and i take a hot bath and look at it every few minutes...then it goes back into the dust bag and the next day i take it out, try my stuff in it and see how it works...after about a week or so, i'll start to use it...i just want to make sure during that week that i still LOVE the bag because if i don't i want to return it, get another one and repeat the ritual!!!!
  6. i clean it.
    i am paranoid about cleanliness.
    then i wear the h3ll out of it!
  7. I didn't even realize I HAD a ritual until I thought about it. Don't know if that's a good thing or not LOL!

    After tackling the UPS man (most of my bags come through internet orders) I bring the box inside and set it on my dining room table. I open it up, take it out and inspect it inside and out, then I immediately move the contents of my old bag into the new one and carry it around for a few minutes to see how it feels. Then (and this is the strange part) I carry it around with me for the rest of the day even if I'm staying at home. I carry it from room to room just so I can look at it all day! Then at night I put it on my bedside table so that it's the last thing I look at before going to sleep, and the first thing I see when I wake up.

    You ladies are the ONLY ones I'd ever admit this to, so don't y'all dare tell anyone! :p
  8. OMG we are SOOOOOOOOO bad.

    i bet you all forgot the biggest part of our rituals, and we all have this in common...

    after i buy a bag or 2, i come here and GLOAT AND PREEN AND DANCE AND TELL EVERYONE! lol! TPF is a big part of the ritual now! hehe! :wlae:
  9. I have a thing about trying it one several times and questioning my decision. Once I finally wear it out the door I love it.
  10. another part of the ritual is seeing how much stuff you can fit comfortabley in it, and deciding where you're going to use it and when hehe
  11. I second smelling it :smile: I hold it different ways (hand? crook of arm? shoulder?) to see which way is most comfortable. I try putting different things into it (magazines, books, whatever is around...) to see what all it will hold. The first time I take it out I hold it in my lap on the subway instead of putting it on the floor. And kind of....pet it. (turning red)
  12. LOL this thread is hilarious!!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    As for my ritual... I keep my new handbags in their dustbags for a few days, taking them out every so often to just stare at and admire. :shame: THEN I plan an outfit around "the chosen one" (for the day) and take it out for a spin! :biggrin:
  13. I immediately wear it.
    Just that , no other ritual.
    I will wear it more carefully than the other bags..maybe for the first 2 weeks :smile:
  14. LOL this is a great thread :yes:
  15. Oh this shallow obsessing is wonderful!

    I have to grin to myself when reading your rituals, some the same, some abit different than my own.

    I shall have to incorporate the 'smelling' and bubble bath routines, I like those!