What is your nail care regimen?

  1. I'd like to start taking better care of my nails and I don't believe in manicures although when I get them on the rare occassion I really enjoy them. So, I'm curious as to what cuticles creams and nail strengtherner you all swear by. What work's for you and what doesn't? Would love to hear your thought! :rolleyes:
  2. I love OPI Nail Envy. I could never grow my nails before I started using it as they would break. Now I have great looking nails.
  3. I get manicures once a week.... but I put olive oil on my cuticles every single day! It really makes them stay smooth and healthy.... it also prevents peeling!
  4. I love manicures but am too lazy to fix and appointment and suck too much at doing my own nails. :P I love French manicures so I got the French Manicure set from Sally Hansen and my nails look so much better and easier to paint on since they come with stickers! Lol!

    I use Vitamin E lotion for my hands as well as Olive oil.
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  6. I get a manicure every two weeks and in between I make sure to use plenty of hand lotion.

    I really hate having to make time to get my nails done, but I haven't found any at home regimen that works as well as a professional manicure to keep my nails looking healthy.

    If you really hate getting your nails done, I would recommend pushing back your cuticles with a wood pusher, not metal, every day right after your shower. Find a good quality lotion and use it every time you wash your hands and cut/file your nails before they get so long that they break.
  7. I personally like Bliss Super Groom for my nails and cuticles. I leave it on for at least 10 minutes and then wipe away. It really strengthens my nails and makes my cuticles soft. :yes:
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  9. I get a regular manicure. I don't know if I'd do it if I didn't have the manicurist of my dreams: she gives my nail a shape that's not too round or too square, just right. I get tons of compliments on my hands, and it'll often be a whole month before a nail breaks.

    When the polish chips, I soak my nails in polish remover for two or three minutes (the top coat is tough, tough, tough to dissolve) and then wash them in soap water after I've wiped away the polish.

    If I was an even more good girl, I'd buy a pot of pure shea butter and mask my hands with it twice a week.
  10. manicures and pedicures are a must every 2ish weeks.
  11. double sorry :sad:
  12. I use one of those dead see nail kits that you can buy in your local mall.

    i dont really paint my nails.. just my toes.
  13. my nails only look chic if i have someone else do it. whenever i want to look put together, i book an appointment.

    hand lotion and cuticle oil (i :heart: solar oil) really make a difference otherwise....as often as you remember. :yes:
  14. I'm a nail freak. I do my hands & toes weekly without fail. I own about 100 different polishes & can do alot of free hand things. Been doing it since i was 10 :smile: I love to use Creative Stickey Base coat & Seche Vite top coat to really make my mani/pedi look perfect. If I want them to dry super fast I use Essie Quick-E oil & Creative Solar Speed Spray. My nails are totally dry in less then 5 minutes. I apply Essie Apricot Cuticle oil everyday before bed & carry around Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle cream. I also use Clarins Hand & Nail treatment cream constantly. Yes i'm obsessed