What is your MOST wanted beauty item at the moment?

  1. Princess Borghese masks...
  2. adding the UD Naked palette to my list.
  3. Clarisonic MIA and the MAC villian collection to come out!

    I have the UD Naked and it is going back...
  4. chanel/ nars makeup brushes
  5. Tria laser
  6. I wanted the MAC Blush Ombre in the peach color... I try not to think about it! Also... I've wanted the MAC Other Worldly blush for a long time... That's about it. (:
  7. Clairsonic MIA.... don't know if I want to spend that much on ONE beauty item though :thinking:

    Urban Decay BOS III
  8. La Mer Body Creme
  9. La Mer Gel Cream, Chanel lipstick and lip gloss, Dior eye palette
  10. Even though I just got the Too Faced Naked Palette, I'm craving the much coveted Urban Decay Naked Palette :] I signed up to receive a notification when it arrives.
    I also want a few colors of the Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream, but I already have too many eye shadows so I'm restricting myself!
  11. Did you not like the UD Naked?
  12. The new Chanel e/s duos, Urban Decay Free Love e/s, and Chanel Mat Lumiere Extreme Foundation (I finally got my hands on a sample and it is the shizzzzzz). :heart:
  13. I want another Brazilian Blowout. Even though I just got mine and it hasn't washed out, I wish I could get them done every two weeks haha.
  14. I feel that way too, but it is definitely on my WISH list :smile:

    I didn't and now I think I like it again. I am quite the flighty one. :p
  15. Book of Shadows 3