What is your most used H purchases? What do you love and regret most?

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  1. i am planning out my purchases for the next little bit and am curious which H items you use/love the most and which you regret?

    I am loving my evelyne the most and regretting my silk scarf purchases. They are beautiful but I do not wear them. I would have gotten more use from a shawl.
  2. I fell in love with H after I saw my friend carry a Lindy. I thought the design was one-of-a-kind and there was nothing else like it on the market. I was still a student at the time, so there was no way I was able to afford one.

    For the next ten years, I saved and saved until I finally had the money to purchase a Lindy 30 in evercolor rose azalee. She is the one I love and use the most as it was a result of years of hard work.

    My one regret was purchasing a bearn key case in chevre - the leather was too soft and the key case was dented out of shape by the keys. I think epson would have been sturdier.
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  3. Constance 24 and Birkin 30, most used items.
  4. I use my evelyne and b30 the most in bags. I always carry two calvi and I wear my h bracelets pretty often.
  5. My most used H purchases are without question my mini Bearn cardcases (5) and Carmen keyrings (10). I choose the colour of these two items and carry them also in my non H bags.

    I love my fauve barenia B25 ghw and my BBB 30 ghw the most but they are not my most used bags. The number one is without question my black B25 swift phw. I regret not buying a black swift B25 ghw a year after I bought the phw bag. At the time I wanted to have bags in different leathers&sizes, nothing too much the same. I also regret not discovering the scarves/shawls especially the CSGMs earlier, I missed out some iconic designs...hoping H will reissue them soon.

    I will probably always regret not buying the exceptional Jardin the Leila in Nantes. Would have been a great souvenir and definitely one of the 3 most beautiful CSGMs I’ve ever seen!

    No bag regrets, I’m extremely picky. If I buy something I don’t use I give it away.
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  6. I rotate through my H bags quite evenly with perhaps the exception of the evening/occasion bags (3) but when a clutch/small smart/formal bag is needed no other type of will do.

    I regret I didn't buy the brown (Choc?) Alligator Plume 32 when I had the chance. At the time I had fewer H bags and thought it would be too high-maintenance for a bag I wanted to use rather than just admire at home. It's still just a wistful sigh regret and not full-on painful remorse. It will come to me again one day but I suppose pre-loved, I know now I would use it.

    I'm not sure I regret anything too much as I know what I don't use much will be rediscovered and become my 'new' favourite thing again but one of my most used H possessions (and very first) was my Black Epsom CDC ghw. I thought I'd stoped using due to the eventual worn appearance and so bought a new one in Box. I'm not sure I've worn either since except a single night, one on each wrist as cuffs over a black skinny polo neck. No doubt I'll rediscover them both again soon.
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  7. My Evelynes, Ulysses and porcelain are my most used H items, I don’t think I have any purchases that I regret.
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  8. a barenia wallet. I used it every day until it got stolen. I sold the items I didn't like, like garden parties.
  9. I wear a Clic H bracelet almost every day, and use my Calvi and Carmen on a daily basis. I don't regret any purchases, although if I'm not using something, I'll usually re-home it :smile:
  10. I only regret buying a Jige, a C18, and a K25 sellier all in Epsom Blue Electrique. I love each bag individually, but I think having 3 in the same colour and leather is a bit much. I regret not making a SO or purchasing a K25 in Gris Mouette Retourne when I had the chance. All H bags are used and enjoyed thoroughly otherwise.

    I regret some CSGM, not in the pattern but in the colour choices...

    No huge regrets actually.
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  11. No real regrets,
    but only the other day it crossed my mind that I wear my suede Pacific slides all the time as house shoes.
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  12. Just curious why did you not like the garden parties?
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  13. Probably my black/bleu jean and gold/white belt straps because I have fewer belts than anything else. My CSGMs collectively get a lot of use. On bags, my K32R noir/GHW, B30 noir/PHW, and K32R gold/GHW are the most versatile and most frequently used; but, I change bags daily, so most stay in regular rotation. On regrets, I keep trying to love silks, but I wear them less than I thought on would. On bags, I regret when I size up. So, my K32 selliers don’t work for me, including black box; my Lindy 34 and 30 were too big, and my Evelyne GM didn’t work for me.
    Live and learn.
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  14. They were too large and floppy for me. And even if my wallet wasn't stolen out of any of them ,the wide open gaping top is an standing invitation for anyone with light-fingered ambitions.
  15. A4B316E7-E656-4556-85B7-BF5B9CE3E00F.jpeg CAC9B065-6E6B-4FC9-A6BE-ECCFD976AC59.jpeg FD91E66E-A36C-4E77-A452-384B9E6B0DC8.jpeg
    Show us... I have no regrets actually, I tend to think about my purchases quite carefully and be a responsible consumer. Love everything I bought, though I do occasionally rehome items when my collection goes over the ‘limit’. Too many wallets perhaps? I can only use one wallet at a time.
    My China is used daily by everyone so probably my most loved items...

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