What is your most recent clothing purchase?


Feb 1, 2006
OKay...I recently lost some weight...went from a 12 to an 8....so clothes shopping is fun again...yesterday I bought the most gorgeous skirt (dior)k with a brown sash....hard to explain but STUNNING. Can't wait to wear it! How about you? Bought anything yo love lately (BESIDES bags???
Last week at Urban Outfitters I bought a turquoise blue 3/4 sleeve cardigan, a pinkish-red spaghetti-strap top that has a cute jeweled detail at the neckline to go under the cardigan, and a cute T-shirt that has a pink silhouette of a war plane dropping cupcakes :nuts: I fell in love with the shirt, mostly because I love cupcakes :love: I'm on the hunt for jeans now.
I got a black cardigan jacket, light grey shell and cardigan, a patern dress in navy blue and white and white jacket from Banana Republic. Then I went to Ann Taylor to get another white or is it cream? cable sweater. Last I got a cute pink cardigan from Talbots. Did I miss something else?:biggrin:
Sunshine first of all, CONGRATS ON THE WEIGHT LOSS...Like you, I lost weight, from a size 18 to a 4..so I know what you mean about now shopping is fun! At home, in pittsburgh, they have a great boutique called the designer jeans company. They sell juicy, diesel, seven for all mankind, citizens for humanity, yanuk etc. awesome awesome store...so I just bought a pair of joes jeans and I love them!!
A size 4!!!!!!!!!! Good for you. I could never be a 4...I was a six and I swear I felt cold and hungry all the time! I think I'm meant to be a 8-10 forever.I just wanted to say good for you, you must feel like a new person. What a wonderful feeling!
congralutations JAP4life how did you ever manage to lose that much weight i am a U.K. 14/16 and would love to be a U.K. 10/12 but i just cannot seem to lose it - really fed up as i put all this weight on when i had a bad accident a few years ago and was in a wheelchair for a long time goes on easy comes off very very hard.
Sunshine and Rosie...THANK YOU!! it I think because I am only 5'0 and have a small frame to begin with it is more natural of a size for me....Rosie I am sorry to hear about the accident..as if being in the wheelchair wasn't hard enough, gaining the weight doesn't make it much better..and you are very very right..it goes on easily, comes off hard :sad:! I am happy to hear it sounds like you recovered and everything fromt he accident though..Anyway, I lost my weight on the atkins diet although i exercised a bit..I didn't do it as much as I should have. Howver, about within the year I started to go to the gym at my school and from then go to the gym 5-6 days a week. The most important things to know...don't let others bring you down..lose weight for you not anyone else...and just don't give up on yourself
Wow! Great deal on the weight loss ladies! I need to drop a bit myself...before I had my son I smoked alot & was 5"6', 110 lbs. I weigh...eh...more than that now! lol. Seriously, I don't want to be that thin again but I'd like to be a size 8 instead of a 10/12...