what is your most rare louis vuitton purse

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  1. so what is your most rare louis vuitton purse? post a pic! my is from the Le Extraordinaire line the Le Fabuleux mink gm

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  2. Right now -- mono irene and damier ebene galliera.
  3. Don't have any yet... but I'm hoping to snatch up a new LE bag as soon as I find one that I am in love with. For now though I'm gonna have to say my Artsy :smile:
  4. ^same. i'm eyeing LE pieces that one can only dream of.....
  5. I think my all vachetta Alma (11 years old this month) is my most rare :heart: or my LE Paris Speedy Mini (cube).
  6. ^^yum!!
  7. Don't know how rare they are, but I think my most LE pieces are my gold Le Fabuleux, my grey Goshen Bowler with alligator handles and my Monogramouflage Speedy. I haven't seen anyone in my area carrying any of these pieces...And I always get asked if they are real when I'm using them, because apparently no one else has seen them IRL either...

    BTW...LOVE your Le Fabuleux!!! :love: IT'S TO DIE FOR!
    These forums are getting me into trouble...My ultimate wishlist keeps growing!! ;)

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    My embossed leather Polly (but I don't have the love for her, sorry), Monogram Stephen, Roses pochette, Monogramouflage Lys (which is my avatar picture).
  9. None.
  10. MY SO Deauville in Damier. I love her it is big and has straps to hold down perfume etc.
  11. Yes, I love my SO Deauville in Damier Ebene too! I love big bags, so for me it's just perfect as an everyday piece. I've also thought of selling my Azur Saleya MM and having another Deauville made in Damier Azur. What do you think? My SA recommended that I keep the Saleya so that I have different bag styles in my collection...

  12. I want that bag so bad!!!!
  13. Monogramouflage Keepall.

    LV HANDS Porte Ronde

    09 Sprouse NF - Orange.
  14. I don't have any rarer pieces per say, but lately I have been feeling some vintage pieces. I do have a speedy from the 80s that I LOVE!
  15. Monogram coquette clutch in Navy Fall 2009