What is your most practical Chanel bag?

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  1. Mine is the urban jungle. It's an easy crossbody to throw on and run errands. Not nearly as beautiful as my classic flaps, but very functional.
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  2. Medium Gabrielle.
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  3. I love my large business affinity flap. It holds a lot, and I love that it is crossbody.
  4. Medium Gabrielle for me as well. Am really digging my small boy though too. Surprisingly!
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  5. Mine is the Cambon Shopper (yes, I know)

    Comfortable leather handles
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  6. Lately, mine has been my small camera bag. I always take her on vacation with me and I find that it is the perfect size.
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  7. I have two! Coco Cocoon and Gabrielle back pack
  8. I’d say the most practical bag is the... mini :nuts:. Small they may be, but they limit me to only carry essentials. So I don’t exhaust myself carrying a trunk load of junk (looking at you longchamp, my still #1 practical bag :P)

    The mini is a different practical. I literally can go day to night with it. While still maintaining absolute style :biggrin:.
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  9. My fannie pack/waist bag - it’s been beat up, tossed & rained on & still looks great - it’s compact & holds a ton - goes anyplace & I often use it as a “wallet” & just throw it in larger bags
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  10. I know what you mean. Give me the space, and I'll pack in anything that'll fit. It gets to be so heavy!
  11. reissue 226
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  12. The classic woc, I’ve used it for virtually every type of occasion from formal to casual and it’s never failed me. I also have a dior woc and have tried on other wocs but nothing compares :love:
  13. Reissue 226. Perfect everyday size and very comfortable to wear
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  14. The ones I use most for a variety of situations, which I guess makes them the most “practical”, are my Reissues (small/225 maybe a bit more than medium/226) and WOCs. These are my go-to bags for travel, which is when I need bags for day to night, casual to formal.
  15. Timeless Classic Tote. Fits everything I need for the day, comfy straps and great pockets. And of course, looks so classy!
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