What is Your Most Marked Characteristic ?

  1. What is your most marked characteristic ?

    Mine is patience.
  2. Mine is probably that I'm a big dreamer. Nothing is too hard, all I need to do is work hard and I'll eventually reach my goal. Nobody can ruin my dreams. At least, that's what I tell myself and it's working fine right now!
  3. Sarcasm/cynicism

    i have too much of it :lol:
  4. honesty. I can be brutally honest some times (altohugh I usually s*** up if I don't have anything nice to say that I don't feel is important).
  5. Mine is being outspoken. I will say what I feel to whom I feel when I feel. Then think about it later whether I should have said it or not.
  6. Roger that!! :yes:
  7. kindness and empathy:smile:
  8. My sarcasm,my ideas & my logic,and my sense of humor
  9. charisma and sarcasm
  10. generous and being blunt.
  11. Being Honest and Direct.
  12. Once I start something, it must be done and it must be RIGHT!

    I am either going full speed or comatose, no middle ground.

  13. me too...I'm always saying something sarcastic.
  14. compulsiveness!!!!
  15. This made me laugh! Mine is impatience! :hysteric: