What is your most favourite VCA piece that you own?

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    What is your most favourite VCA piece that you own? The one that you are crazy about? The one you can't live without? Post pics!
    You Can't say all. You must choose one or two the most!:smile:
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  2. Mine are the btw the finger butterfly tiger eye and MOP clover motif and the same earrings. I'm so crazy about them I have bought a back up set of each just in case they stop making them and I loose mine.I'll take pic of all later. img1545291115723.jpg
  3. All :P — seriously, they’re all carefully chosen. I’m scheduled to pick up VA carnelian earrings in two weeks, but my most recent purchase is my three motif earrings in onyx, GMOP and MOP. I love that I don’t need to wear a necklace with them (although I do want the 6 motif matching necklace :rolleyes:).
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  4. I love these earrings too. I wear them so often because they are so easy to style.
  5. My clover perlee hands down - it was a push present for 3rd baby and I wear it daily. It is goregous and I admire it every day before wearing.
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  6. This is really hard! I would have to say my absolute favorite VCA piece I own is my 20 motif YG Lapis/Pave.....
    Along with this would have to be my YG Clover Perlee. lynne_ross ~ good for you for wearing your clover Perlee
    everyday! I am going to start wearing mine more. I have a very "casual" lifestyle and I always feel it is too much to wear for everyday. You have inspired me to wear it more!
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  7. I have quite a few pave pieces, but interestingly they are not my favourite (although I love these pieces very much); My favourite and most worn is my 20 motif YG Alhambra necklace. The easiest piece to wear, stress free!
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  8. Aww thanks! I find it is an easy piece to wear with anything. I have to dress up for work, but outside that I am either in jeans or sweatpants in the winter and I wear it with all outfits! I hope you find it to work well with everything too!
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  9. For those who wear their 20 motifs a lot do you wear it more as one long strand or double?
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  10. I wear mine as a single long strand, I have a preference to longer necklaces.

    Btw, I can understand why your perlee clover is your favourite piece - I plan on getting it in the near future, and and may be a top contender to becoming my favourite - or at least tie in first place with my 20 YG motif. :smile:
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    Hi Kimber418 and Lynne_ross, do you gals mean Clover Perlee bracelet or Clover Perlee ring? I've just ordered the ring (and waiting patiently for its arrival within next 20 something weeks), but I've not determined to go ahead with the bracelet.
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  12. 90% of time i wear as just one long strand, in rare cases wearing as double with 2" extender bought from ebay.
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  13. I only have the bracelet. I am not a ring person, ..yet! If I was I could see the perlee ring being a daily piece too since I would wear on right hand with my love bracelets. Congrats on both!
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  14. Thank you...Unfortunately I just realized I had typo there - really meant I had not determined to get the bracelet yet...but hopefully soon. Need to see how I feel wearing the ring first :angel:
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  15. My guilloché bracelet atm!
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