What is your most favorite miu miu item?

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  1. I love the new tote that I just got, very versatile and most important thing, I can throw everything in there!


    I do love miu miu flats too, but have yet to own one.

    So what is/are your most favorite miu miu items?
  2. Hard to say...there are so many I love! I think the bow bags are really pretty, love to have one one day... bracelets too... and I'm a big fan of the jeweled heel velvet loafers!
  3. I love their bags, flats and keychains! :smile:
  4. I love their shoes though incredible high, they are quite comfortable..
  5. I love my Miu Miu Matelasse Bag, in a very unique combination- Python plus Patent look...I use the bag daily and still it looks like new...

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  6. wow! such a nice piece! When did you get it as I've never seen this before.


  7. Thanks!:smile:

    I got the bag a while ago already, at least 4 years and never have seen any one else with it- this bag is really one-of-a-kind..
  8. Wow! That's gorgeous! Amazing! :loveeyes:
  9. If your bag is still available in store I'd want to get it!! sooooooo pretty!!!


  10. ...Unfortunately- I haven't seen this bag any more in the shops, but I will keep my eyes open for you and will let you know...:smile:
  11. Thanks for liking it as much as I do...:biggrin:
  12. Love the bows and the harlequin is one of my favorite bags. The ballet flats and heels are lovely too!
  13. I love the bow bags and ballet flats! I also live Miu Miu's packaging ��
  14. I love miu miu coffer ~~ so cute and versatile
  15. Definitely coffer!!