What is your most care-free Chanel?

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  1. What is your most care-free Chanel or other designer bag? I have a medium Filigree as my daily bag, but as I'm saving up for my next designer bag (either Chanel or LV) I'm trying to decide on a more care-free bag that will be ok through some rain.

    I'm currently torn between a boy WOC or a LV Speedy 25 (both are small to medium size and are crossbody).
  2. My most carefree bag is my LV delightful GM. I use it as my daily tote, I don't worry about the rain, take it as my personal item when I fly, and it does get set on the ground on occasion (gasp) and has come thru with flying colors.
  3. Black Patent Lady Dior )
  4. Goyard!
  5. My distressed calfskin accordian crossbody/tote. It is light and so easy to wear, easy to access since it doesn't have a flap, and not too large or too small.
  6. Chanel small chain around or my LV damier alma BB
  7. Chanel Coco cocoon, it's from nylon and lightweight.
  8. My most care- free Chanel is my black caviar rectangular mini. I thought of buying a WOC my next bag but not too sure WOC style working for me. My LV Speedy B25 DE and mini backack just 100% stress free. Canvas with no vachetta just so easy for me. I am a mother of 2 boys so much prefer worry free bags.

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  9. Chanel - I would have to say one of my WOC's (either caviar boy or lamb chevron). Non Chanel - Prada saffiano tote in black, it's my workhorse and the lightest bag I own!
  10. These are my work horse care free bags:
    Travel: Givenchy nightingale medium or BV large veneta
    Running errands: Chanel woc or BV disco bag
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  11. As much as I love and cherish my Chanels, my most carefree bag would be my balenciaga city bag! No fuss, love the distressed/destroyed leather! I can toss it around and not worry about putting it on the floor. LV canvas and epi-leather used to be my go-to's for carefree bags as well.
  12. iT would be my mansur gavriel ladybag.
  13. I use Longchamp totes when I do not want to bring anything designer. They are fully appropriate for occasions when you do not want to discuss 'how much you paid for bags', grocery shopping and rain. I plan to get a woc soon. I plan to bring it in my Longchamp tote, if I wanted to use something designer, but there was some heavy rain, or a combo between errands/ people who talk about prices and an occasion where you'd need/ want a smaller Chanel bag.
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  14. One must have a carefree Chanel that work with all kinds of outfit and weather conditions (a gal's gotta have access to her Chanels!) :lol:

    So here are my carefree Chanels in key sizes for coverage of how much I may need to carry:

    - mini size: beige caviar filigree vanity case
    - M/L size: black distressed calf reissue in 225 size
    - jumbo size: black iridescent caviar messenger bag (the material surface feels sturdy as my classic caviars but not as thick/hard, In deep black color. Light weight yet has a nicer feel than regular caviar. Also look less boxy/structured for a more elegant yet less formal look to it.)

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  15. Chanel - medallion tote or cerf tote. They are both workhorses!

    Non Chanel - RM MAC or Mansur mini bucket !!