What is your messenger bag??

  1. I have vintage trocadero 30 bought from Ebay while back.
    I carry it for sight seeing or walking in the park
    I like it because the bag has already patina so I am really worry about dirt, front pocket for easy access, slim design but roomy enough for camera, wallet phote etc

    What is your Messenger bag ?
    When do you carry it ?
    What do you like most about it ?
  2. Well i dont have a messenger, But i bring my Pochette Accessoires with me when i go the park or Camping.
  3. I have a Dior messanger bag. I used to use it for school but not anymore. I liked that it could fit a lot (compared to my other bags) and it was casual yet "upscale" at the same time.
  4. i have a damier geant messenger...i've been carrying it for the past few days after sitting in my closet for a while. it's okay...better for files/folders/papers than for books...this bag does NOT like bulk. it's subtle as far as no monograms, but it does say LOUIS VUITTON in huge letters.

    here's a pic...
  5. well here is my olav pm, if that is considered a messenger :biggrin:

    i like this bag because it's pretty durable since its damier canvas, which I think suits me since im a guy. i rarely us this because all i really need is my cellphone and wallet. but after i get the keyring on my green epi cles, that might be the only thing i use to store my money. i only use it when I go to rodeo dr. or south coast plaza.
  6. my dad owns a broadway, which i think is a pretty good damier messenger bag.
  7. i have the LV Musette Salsa with the long strap, a Dior Rasta Saddle Messenger, a pink Fendi zucca messenger, and a Burberry messenger
  8. I have a bebe messenger bag. I only use it for school.
  9. I have a Prada messenger, but I really want an LV Olav after seeing andork's pic! Very nice!
  10. I use my Chanel Sport:
    Chanel Sport Messenger 1.jpg
  11. Wow..you are messenger addict !!!
  12. Olav is great.. I like it as well after seeing andork's
  13. I use my black Ben Sherman bag, will post pics later if I can. It's pretty simple, but it's fun. Also use my pink Ralph Lauren messenger when I feel like it. Both are used for school only :P
  14. LV Tulum GM, 3 Tokidoki, 2 Tumi, 2 Coach, 2 Dior Girly, Volcom......I am obsessed with messenger bags!
  15. the Abbesses. i used to use it for work only.. and then for trips.. and now i'm using it for work again since they've been giving me a ton of paperwork and folders.