What is your 'mantra'?

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  1. #1 Feb 3, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2009
    Do you have a phrase that you believe in so much you find yourself repeating it over and over...and why?

    Mine is 'No fake drama'! I find myself thinking it so often...when listening to friends complain about 'the small things', reading some posts...and to myself, when I find myself getting irritated...thankfully this little phrase really helps me keep it in perspective and has made my life so much better!

    I am looking forward to hearing your mantra's and learning :smile:
  2. Don't sweat the small stuff!
  3. "It's a first world problem"

    This helps me keep perspective of how lucky I am in life, and how things that I may get upset about are just minuscule and so insignificant compared with what others face in different parts of the world.
  4. Great thread btw! :smile:

    Life is about making memories, so make them good!
  5. Love this!!! How true! We are so lucky and would be so much happier to remember that!
  6. Thanks, Tink! :smile: My SO uses it too. There are times when one of us may get angry or frustrated about something...and he or I will say it to the other and it immediately diffuses the situation and helps us keep things in perspective. :heart:
  7. Lately for me...it's just being thankful for those in my life for love me...for ME!!!
  8. hm. Great question. I don't really have one for myself, but something someone else said to me once has always stuck with me and I remember it often, " It's all what you make of it. "
  9. There's so many it's hard to keep it to just one. I agree with all the above!
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    I also like, "you get what you give." I'd say this one is mine. It's helped me in making positive changes in my life and has helped me just be a happier person overall. I've found most of the time it's true.
  11. I remember a good one. "You choose your attitude" And that goes with anything.
  12. "Mind over body" and something a Marine once told me, "your body can do so much more than you think it can" (nothing perverted about it, LOL! We were on a 8 mile hike).

    It's totally true.. I try to push myself to the limit all the time, especially when my first instinct tells me I can't accomplish something (like quitting smoking, getting over fear of heights, etc)
  13. "After all, tomorrow is another day!"
  14. I have a few in heavy rotation:

    "No excuses."

    "Never forget your sense of humor. Sometimes it's all you've got."

    "Choose your attitude."
  15. that's a good one!

    i've got a few, but the first one that comes to mind that i've been reminding mysel of lately is:

    comfort is the enemy of progress