$$$$ What is your LV collection worth $$$$

  1. As a beginner, I have spent just over 1k for a few items so far, it adds up quick! Tally up! Lets see numbers!!!
  2. My insurance company knows but I don't want to know.
  3. my collections small and i still dare not think about how much it adds up to. i would have cold sweats if i even attempted it. my BF says it frightens him to think about how much i carry on my arm. he has a point though, how many of us carry a bag plus matching accessories plus cell phone, ipod etc:s
  4. Oh I really don't want to go there... :push:

  5. I didn't realize one could claim their bags under their insurance....I am calling State Farm right now!!

    Also, do you simply add on when you acquire a new bag?

    BTW, my collection, which consists of Mono Alma- $900, Damier Alma -$900, Epi Black Alma-$1090, Mono Speedy 35-$645, Damier Speedy 30-$620, Chelsea-$1180, Ellipse Moyen Modele-$1000, and a number if small accessories (wallets & others $1200)....

    So I suppose my collection is worth around $7,500, but of course one could never get full price with an insurance claim....so it is probably half of that according to my insurance company.
  6. so far not much, but it'll get up there!!!
  7. I don't want to think about it, but its not over the top. Maybe I should call my insurance company too about getting these bags on there..may be a good idea!
  8. put it this way: if i sold every single one of my bags, i could buy a Lexus :graucho::sweatdrop::wtf:

  9. you DO have a lot of bags! and they are ALL cute! :p
  10. oh about 20 bucks they're all fake.


    I think the best way to gauge people's investments in LV would be to check out the lv collection thread.
  11. Oh boy.
    Speedy 30, $1,910.00
    Alma, $1,450.00
    Small Ring Agenda, $420.00

    My sac a dos was like $450 used,
    and Keepall was $1,500 used.
  12. I don´t want to think about it!
  13. In line with some of the other posts, definitely call your insurance co. and get the necessary riders if needed so your lovely collections are protected! Every ins. co. is different, sometimes specific high-end items need separate riders, supporting documentation, etc. - it's worth it! Once you've built up a nice collection the $$$ value is comparable to high end jewelry so that was my New Year's res. this year to make sure it was added on.
  14. How much do you think your collection has to be worth in order to insure it? Also I plan on getting one of my bags used so do I insure it for the used price or the retail of the bag?
  15. i am not counting but if i believe my cc bill- a lot.