What is your LV collection theme


Jun 2, 2013
I have been watching many youtube videos and instagram photos of peoples LV handbag collections and I notice that people seemed to have a common theme regarding the handbags that they collect. For example some people only buy LV handbags made in France, or collect one style of bag in different prints and materials, or collect on type of print, I hope you get what I am saying.....

I looked at my LV collection and notice I mainly carry the monogram print (that is my favorite out of all the prints). For my SLGs I intentionally only purchase SLGs tht are in the red color family as I love all things red. So tell me, what is your LV collection theme?


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Aug 22, 2013
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My collection has to be fun and make me smile anytime I hold it. The zippy coin pouches are perfect for that! I'm also into the reds...just depends on what shade.


Jun 12, 2014
Toronto, Canada
If there were a "theme" for my LV collection, it would be diversity.

In regards to material, I have canvas (DE, mono and MC), EPI, vernis and empreinte.

In regards to colour, I have brown (DE, mono), multicolour, galet, fuchsia and cerise.

In regards to style, I have Speedy (handheld and shoulder, 25 and 30), Montaigne, Trevi, Alma, Eva and Brea.


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Oct 22, 2012
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I think my Theme would be Adornments. I love everything that I add to a bag. Bag Charms, Bandeau's, Locks & Clochettes, and Bling for sure. I don't just grab a bag, I also grab some "jewelry" for the outside.

My only exception is my Speedy Paillettes in both blue and black. Those guys have enough bling. :lol:


Feb 13, 2013
I tend go get styles in multiple prints. I also in general sticks to icons for any brand I purchase. I want to know it will still be in style in 15 years. So I would say my theme is iconic. Although I keep getting tempted by the delightful and Palermo which I don't consider iconic.

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Dec 15, 2005
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If I have a theme it's certainly by accident but one thing I strive for is Lightweight! I have no large heavy bags. No matter how beautiful an Empreinte Artsy is it is not something I would ever carry. All my LV'S are on the small side made of canvas or Epi to keep the weight down. My only Empreinte is an Audacieuse pm which is much lighter than most. I just can't stand being weighed down by a big heavy bag. I love the new trend of smaller LV bags.