What is your longest and/or shortest wait for a SO or PO?

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  1. What is the longest and/or shortest time you've wait for a SO or PO ? What did you order? Size, color combination, leather, location of store, date of purchase - any info would be appreciated! Thanks ;)
  2. I have yet to place a SO/PO> :smile:
  3. 4 months
  4. the shorter and it was a podium.
    the longest is over 1 year and it's the barenia 30 I'm still waiting for...
  5. maybe 4 - 6 months podium for my first black birkin, 35cm, I was flexible with leather and hardware color. The other bags they had "in stock".
  6. I am still waiting on a simple gold vl birkin and it is almost 3 years!! I am going crazy! I have another simple SO that is 2 1/2 years of waiting.
  7. So far have not placed an SO or PO because my SA has always managed to get what I want sooner than expected. First one actually only two days. Last one took three months. Longest wait would be for the raisin togo, still waiting after 5 months.
  8. Can anyone get on the Birkin list or is it better to have made prior purchases??
  9. Longest on a SO: well, it's been over 2 and a half years since I placed my SO and I'm still waiting, although my SA has recently indicated that maybe only 4 more months to go . . .
  10. I placed a simple PO (gold togo 35 birkin w/gold hw) at a Feb podium and got a bag in only a couple of months. People guessed that this was a bag the store already had on order and gave to me.
    I am waiting on a SO I placed last fall. The store manager told me it should come by August.
  11. Sus and MaggieD - Wow :amazed: I admire your patience...!
  12. Shortest: just little over 5 months for one of my croc. Birkins (My entire store was really SHOCKED as this one was a croc. Birkin order:faint:made into our store in 5 months! Store manager said I made a record:P!!! I was told that average for croc. Birkin order arrival is about 2-3years)

    Longest: one of Hermes store I used to shop a few times ordered a very simple leather Birkin about 3 years ago (it's not even exotic!)...still hasn't arrived yet (I spoke to them recently, called them for other question, but SA and I talked about this order as well since SA mentioned about it). Well...I don't want that bag anymore anyway:rolleyes:....so, it doesn't matter..:smile:
  13. I can't believe how long some of you have waited. I wonder how many people have placed SO's and have it taken so long that when the order finally comes in, they just don't want it any more / have gotten something else in its place.

    I placed an SO for a simple belt and was told it would take up to 10 months and I thought that was a while, but YEARS?!
  14. I placed an SO in July 2007........ yap, still waiting......my SA said my SO is MIA with another lady's SO, hahah~ SA said he got confirmation on my order by the craftsman and everything, guess it's just taking its sweet old time..... but yes, I still do WANT it!!!
  15. Shortest: 2 months
    Longest: 2+ years